BrandPost: how CIOs can be the asset their company needs in 2019


In 2015, when Jefferson Health executives discovered that oncology patients had to wait about three weeks before seeing a doctor, the company's Executive Vice President for Technological Innovation and Customer Experience immediately sought a solution. .

What Neil Gomes discovered and solved is Domo, a cloud-based data management platform that helped the $ 5 billion network of hospitals and medical schools in the Philadelphia area reduce considerably the waiting time of the patients.

"The average time it took to get an appointment went from 22 days to two or three days," said Gomes, who is also director of digital technologies at Jefferson Health. "When patients are waiting for treatment for difficult diseases like cancer, it's a big plus."

While Gomes has long understood that technology is a critical differentiator in how businesses deliver a superior customer experience, not all IT managers are on the same side. And for CIOs hoping to strengthen their positions in C suite this year, this could be a huge problem.

A recent report from Forrester, one of the world's most influential research and consulting firms, revealed that emerging technologies will no longer create business opportunities in 2019, especially if combined with an integrated approach. measured innovation.

Sure January 28 at 1 pm ETGomes and Forrester Vice President Matthew Guarani will discuss the report's findings and the skills and insight that a Chief Information Officer needs to become a leader.

"One of the things we (Forrester) expect to happen this year is that technology spending will slow as the threat of another recession tempers corporate innovation efforts," Guarani said. . "It will therefore be imperative for CIOs to use new and new tools in their arsenal to help their businesses thrive."

Gomes added, "There is so much to learn and learn from new technologies. But I think we need to focus even more – using the information we have, in a creative way, so that we can all make more informed decisions. "

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