A moon of blood is thus called simply because of the reddish coloring of the moon. The moon turns into this color as it moves in the shade. (NASA)

The only lunar eclipse of 2019 is on Sunday and people are already thrilled to attend this show. But why does he still call a super blood wolf? The answer is actually quite simple.

Total solar eclipse 2019

People were delighted to witness the total lunar eclipse this Sunday, especially since it is the only eclipse of this year and the last eclipse total moon until May 26, 2021. Fortunately, even if people have to wait two years before the next, that of Sunday Eclipse is necessarily fantastic. In fact, it's not just a total lunar eclipse, but a full moon at its closest point to the Earth in its orbit, so it's also a super moon.

But why is he calling a wolf moon a super-blood?

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Taken separately, the name of super blood wolf moon seems rather disturbing, but the truth is actually quite simple. The "super" in the name simply implies that the total lunar eclipse coincides with the super-moon, and the "blood" is there because the eclipse will give the moon an orange-red hue while the Moon moves completely in the shadow or inner part of the Earth's shadow. In addition, the blood moon is another term that people use to refer to lunar eclipses.

The "wolf", which is not a term as we usually mean in relation to the super moon and the blood moon, simply indicates that the eclipse takes place in January. Indeed, at the time of the Amerindians and colonies, the full moon of January was called the moon of wolves, because it was at that time that the wolves were yelling hungry outside the villages.

The terms "moon of blood" and "moon of the wolf" are not exactly terms used in astronomy, but rather popular terms, or terms used in folklore.

Anyone who wants to see the rare wolf wolf Super Blood will have to stay awake Sunday night, because the penumbral phase will start at 21:36. EST, and will reach its peak just before midnight. It should end around 12:43 EST.

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