IOttie Wireless Support Review: A reliable, wireless charger whose appearance matches its speed


You may not have heard of iOttie – who sells all kinds of accessories and products, from car and bike racks to wireless chargers. I had not received it before receiving some of its chargers. But after testing iOttie iON Wireless wireless, I'm pretty impressed.

Let's take a closer look.

Note: This review is part of our horizon tower wireless charging stations. Go ahead for more details on competing products and our testing methods for Android phones and iPhones.

The iON wireless stand, like other wireless charging products from the company, is covered with a fabric-like fabric. The material reminds one of a Google Home Mini. You have the choice of three colors: ruby, ash, ivory, which translates to red, gray and white.

There are two compatible Qi charging coils in the holder, which means that you can place your phone in a portrait or landscape orientation and that it should still charge without problems.

For $ 50, you get support, a USB-C cable and a wall adapter to power the stand. The tablet provides a charge of 10 W for compatible Android devices and 7.5 W for iOS devices.

IOttie iON Wireless Support iOttie

In our tests, iON wireless support completely recharged the Samsung Galaxy S9 in 179 minutes, or 2 hours and 59 minutes on average. It's in the middle of the pack of wireless chargers that we have tested so far.

ION wireless support really excels with an iPhone. With an iPhone XS, the charger load was an average of 44% in 60 minutes, 8% less than all the other chargers I tested. At first, I attributed the difference in speed to the fact that the iPhone XS has a different charging coil configuration that, according to Apple, allows it to charge faster, although the charging speed is still 7.5W.

So I tested it with my wife's iPhone X and the final result was 42%. ION wireless support can charge an iOS device quickly.

The iON wireless mount is not a black hockey puck-like accessory, but you need to find a way to hide in your home. Instead, it looks good and is able to efficiently charge your device.

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