The general manager of Microsoft admitted that Cortana was not well placed to compete with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Instead of trying to compete with these digital assistants, Satya Nadella believes that Cortana should be designed to integrate with the competition and become such a practical skill for Alexa users.

As reported by Business Insider (via Betanews), Nadella said, "Would it be better, for example, to make Cortana a valuable skill that a person using Alexa can use? Or should we try to compete with Alexa? Frankly, we decided to make the first choice. Because Cortana must be this skill for anyone who subscribes to Microsoft Office 365. "

He then observed that you should be able to use Cortana on Alexa or Google Assistant, just as you use the different Microsoft applications on Android or iOS. And in the future, the prospect of a hardware powered by Cortana, like smart speakers, is also unlikely.

Nadella said, "We are very aware of the categories in which we can do something unique. A good one is the speakers. For me, the challenge is to know exactly what we could do in this category that will be unique. "

Previously, Microsoft had admitted that the virtual assistant game with Cortana was late. Last year, he shared the same vision: to transform Cortana into a "technical aid" rather than an "assistant".

Attend other digital assistants

It therefore seems that Cortana is now seen more as a complementary asset to other virtual assistant ecosystems than as an autonomous and viable digital assistant at home.

Cortana will undoubtedly continue to be part of the Windows 10 and Microsoft software ecosystem, even though, even in this respect, the company seems to be taking a different approach.

For example, there has recently been talk of being able to replace Cortana with a third-party assistant like Alexa in Windows 10 (the Amazon wizard is already integrated with a number of Windows 10). laptop and Desktop PC).

And in the latest preview version of Windows 10, Cortana was separated from the search box of the taskbar, thus downgrading its importance and position in the entire operating system. Obviously, important changes are underway regarding the Microsoft Virtual Assistant.