Update: This site is mirrored the iPhone 11 wish list of this Twitter user, rather than providing new information. The mentioned elements must be ignored. Original story below.

New reports from the Chinese site Weibo claims to offer new and interesting information about Apple's next iPhone 11. The most interesting is the possibility of a display with a higher refresh rate, similar to the 120 Hz rate of the iPad Pro.

The report also calls for a larger battery, 4000 mAh on the Max model, with a much faster 15 W wireless charging also in tow.

When the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X launched the Qi wireless charging support, Apple initially offered only 5W at maximum speed. Thanks to a later iOS update and a capable Qi accessory, a 7.5W charge was finally possible.

However, if these fragmentary rumors are true, iPhone wireless charging rates will be the fastest on the market, far surpassing the best Android offers. There is even the possibility that Apple repeats the cycle and boosts the maximum bid above 15W via a future iOS update.

As for the refresh rate of the improved display, the rumor indicates between "90-120Hz" and no longer at 120Hz, indicating that Apple might have found an "ideal point" between the rates improved refresh and battery life.

The rumor also corroborates the reports of a configuration with three cameras in the back. This could mean that Apple will house a wide angle, a very wide angle and a 3X telephoto lens. The last mark is interesting because the current telephoto of Apple is set by default on a zoom 2X.

Earlier rumors about the iPhone 11 claimed a smaller notch, an improved 10-megapixel selfie camera and, of course, a dramatically improved rear configuration of the 14MP triple camera. It remains to be seen if the USB-C will eventually reach the iPhone or if Lightning will last another year.

These claims must be treated with the utmost skepticism, like most rumors of the iPhone at the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, the claims offer topics of conversation for the 2019 iPhones. What do you think we'll see in September? Let us know in the comments below!

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