Bird scooter

A scooter company apologized after publishing a journalist legally threatened on a blog post about his scooters.

The start-up Bird offers electric scooters in about 40 cities in the United States, which are hired via an application.

Bird accused Cory Doctorow of violating copyright for creating a link to a forum on a device that allows abandoned scooters, purchased at auction, to be equipped with a new motherboard.

This means that they can then be used without the Bird application.

Doctorow's ticket, posted on the Boing Boing website, dealt with the number of abandoned or poorly parked bird scooters, then removed by local authorities and sold legitimately.

It describes a $ 30 (£ 23) motherboard that replaces existing scooter equipment but does not modify Bird's installed hardware or software.

A spokesman said that BBC Bird's legal team had been "overwhelmed" when issuing a withdrawal application.

The firm's letter accused Mr. Doctorow and Boing Boing of "promoting the sale / use of an illegal product solely to circumvent the copyright protections of the patented technology of Bird" and of "promote illegal activities in general by encouraging vandalism and misappropriation of Ownership of Birds".

Mr. Doctorow described the threat as "absurd" and published the entire letter on the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) website.

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Media captionWATCH: Rory Cellan-Jones tests Bird's electric scooter in London

The EFF has described the legal threat as "unfounded".

"Bird may not be pleased that the technology exists to modify the scooters that it deploys, but it should not make unfounded legal threats to silence reports on this technology," he said. declared.

Bird is now excused.

"Bird celebrates freedom in many ways: freedom of movement, congestion and freedom of speech," said a spokesman.

"In the quest to limit illegal activities related to our vehicles, our legal team overflowed and sent a request for withdrawal related to the matter to a member of the media.It was our mistake and we apologize to Cory Doctorow. "