AirPower: Apple's wireless charging mat may soon enter store


Not long ago, Apple enthusiasts scoffed at companies like Microsoft by announcing seemingly cool products that were never delivered on time, if at all. Curiously, Apple has fallen in recent years into the same bad habit of launching products whose shipping is embarrassing late. The Apple AirPods, for example, were delivered more than two months later than expected and, at launch, they were incredibly hard to find.

The most glaring example of Apple product that was not delivered on time is of course the Apple Wireless Charging Mat, a product dubbed AirPower. Introduced originally in September 2017 next to the iPhone X, AirPower is designed to allow users to wirelessly charge their phone, their Apple Watch and their AirPod case at the same time. Advance 16 months and AirPower is still not found. In addition, we have not heard of the Apple product, which leaves much to wonder whether it will ever launch or if Apple may abandon it completely.

That said, the ChargerLAB Twitter account last Friday revealedBy citing an anonymous source in the supply chain, AirPower could finally appear on store shelves soon.

"AirPower finally arrives," reads in the tweet. "We have just learned from a credible source in the supply chain that the manufacturer, Luxshare Precision, had already started producing an Apple AirPower wireless charging pad. Luxshare Precision is also the manufacturer of Apple AirPod and USB-C cables. "

To back up its report, ChargerLAB today posted another tweet containing corroborating information from another source close to Apple 's projects.

"Another source says Pegatron is about to launch mass production of AirPower on Jan. 21," the tweet says. "Pegatron is also an Apple OEM in Asia. The company's employee stated that AirPower had a total of three coils of coils 8-7-7 from bottom to top.

It should also be noted that reputed analyst Apple Ming-Chi Kuo issued a note about two months ago to investors stating that AirPower could be launched in the first quarter of 2019.

Among the reasons AirPower was delayed, many reports pointed to considerable technical difficulties in bringing the product to market, including complex circuitry and prevention of overheating of the device.

Source of image: Apple