ThreeKit, a startup that helps e-commerce customers turn static images into interactive 3D presentations, raises $ 10 million


A picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a three-dimensional rendering? Ask ThreeKit – it's about creating 3D renderings for customers like Crate and Barrel, Steelcase and CIROC. The Chicago startup product configuration and visualization platform enables brands to create interactive three-dimensional "experiences", such as product visits and comparison tools. And in just a few months, the company has caught the attention of investors.

ThreeKit announced today the raising of a $ 10 million startup capital from serial entrepreneur Godard Abel, who previously co-founded BigMachines (acquired by Oracle in 2013) and SteelBrick ( that Salesforce had bought back in 2015). Ben Houston, CTO, a 15-year veteran who created the visual effects software used around the world Harry Potter franchise, The Avengers, Titanicand more than 100 other films, said that this money would be used to fund the acquisition of talent and the development of products and activities.

"Traditionally, visualization technologies were clunky and hard to use, but ThreeKit is a global platform that allows sellers to create their own interactive product experiences for their online stores," said Houston. "[Though they were] Originally built for Hollywood, we saw a major opportunity to bring this technology to e-commerce and set a new standard for product experience in the industry. "

The ThreeKit platform greatly simplifies computer modeling. Customers charge their products and leverage an options dashboard to create, edit, and optimize display content for use in product configurators, sales aids, augmented reality, and virtual reality applications. Photorealistic images are a typical use of ThreeKit: with a 3D model, brands can add colors, textures and lighting; define camera angles; and generate images and vignettes of "all product permutations".

ThreeKit uses WebGL, a JavaScript API to display interactive 2D and 3D graphics in compatible web browsers, without using plug-ins. It hosts resources on its servers and allows them to access via an API and embedded code.

ThreeKit claims that some of its e-commerce customers have seen a 40% increase in conversions, an 80% reduction in returns, and a 20% increase in order values ​​after exchanging static product images for 3D visuals.

"There has been a critical gap in brands' ability to deliver compelling product experiences in their online stores, but ThreeKit solves this problem by meeting consumer expectations when shopping online," said Abel. "It is clear that the company is leading a new generation of immersive and experiential commerce, and I look forward to accelerating its momentum to become a global leader in the 3D visualization technology market."

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