This Week in Games: Bungie Divorces Activision, Epic Unveils Free Our Favorite Game of 2017


They applauded. Bungie is separated from Activision this week, taking control of destiny franchise with them and staff would have acclaimed when the announcement was made. If that does not tell you everything about the Bungie / Activision relationship around 2019, I do not know what to add.

But I have some thoughts. You'll find them below, as well as a host of other news this week, including a new one Metro Exodus history trailer, deadlines for Tropico 6 and Dead or Alive 6, free Edith Finch and Fall, The acquisition of Paradox Prison architect, and more. The week was very busy.

This is the news of the game from January 7th to 11th.

Edith Finch, released

Epic always offers games to promote the new Epic Games Store, and the latest is important: What's left of Edith Finch, for example, our PCWorld 2017 year game. Telling the story of the infernal Finch family over generations, this is one of the most creative games of the last decade. Say more would spoil the experience, and since it's free? You really have no excuse not to try it at this point.

Meeting on Edith Finch 's store page, create an Epic account and click on the big blue button to add it to your account at any time by January 25th.

You can also get A story about my uncle free if you subscribe to the Humble newsletter by 1 pm Is Saturday.

New hope

This little accounting aside, let's move on to the most important news of the week: the Bungie and Activision divorce proceedings.

We like Destiny 2S Abandoned last fall, but Activision was apparently less inclined to do so, especially sales figures, which were below expectations. Blame it on Destiny 2The weak first year, blame him Abandoned by doubling over the hardcore audience, it was clear that the relationship between Activision and Bungie was deteriorating. Worse still, it seemed that Bungie and Activision had different and opposing points of view on the rest of the series.

Now that this impasse is coming to an end, probably in the best possible way for destiny Fans. Bungie finds herself free from Activision and fully holds destiny to start. This is a marked change from Bungie's last split, in which Microsoft retained ownership of Halo for eternity. the Destiny 2 The roadmap also remains unchanged and I am half convinced that the transition to smaller, less story-centric extensions for the second year has been made in anticipation of this split.

The question is what Bungie does next. A game of destinyThe size of the device takes a lot and a lot money to win, and I doubt that this is a safe bet for an independent developer, even the size of Bungie. Bungie says that he's going to self-publish but, like IO and HitmanI would not be surprised if Bungie ends up soon with another publisher. But which one? There are not many options these days.

Anyway, good luck to Bungie. I'm interested in seeing what Destiny 2 becomes, without The influence of Activision.

S & # 39; drive in vain

On lighter news! Metro Exodus in about a month, and a new trailer this week presents its various non-metropolitan environments, its strange mutant animals and its kickass coal train that will take you to these lush places.

Building a new future

This is the reverse of the Bungie situation this week. A game that did not have a PC editor, Prison architect, was sold this week to a publisher, Paradox Interactive, because the original developer was just … finished. Mark Morris of Introversion told Eurogamer, "We have been building and managing this building and management game for almost 10 years. I think we took the prison architect as far as possible. "

And then, they sold it. Fans do not seem to have taken too much good news, anticipating a crowd of Prison architect DLC in the near future, but I'm still curious to see what Paradox does – not just with Prison architectbut the whole concept. As part of the sale, Paradox said it was looking to "explore the future possibilities of architects' intellectual property," which seems to give the potential to be a modern world. Sim[Blank] or [Blank] Magnate label.

I'm always up for more thematic building games.


Some delays this week, but fortunately nothing is too serious. First place is Tropico 6, release scheduled end of January. The announcement of the delay was announced by Simon Hellwig of Kalypso, who wrote: "During the holidays, I played at Tropico 6 for many hours and I really liked what I saw. But, in my humble opinion, it's not enough to love a game, I want to love it! And Tropico 6 is good, but not very good or exceptional. But it's hard to believe that they will be able to make substantial changes with just two months late, but … we'll see, I guess.

Then there is Dead or Alive 6. This delay is more understandable than DoA6 was originally scheduled to come out on February 15th ak.a. the same day as Far Cry: New Dawn, Metro Exodus, and Crackdown 3. That's enough to do Do a dead on arrival, so although Team Ninja says the delay is due to balance and polishing, I think it's also probably a tactic. DoA6 is now due on March 1st.

Winter project

It's the end of winter, you're looking for provisions to keep you and your friends alive, and you're running out of time for rescue. In addition, one or more of your friends are traitors, determined to kill others and leave your corpses in the snow. This is the essence of Winter project, a very boring name for a game that looks interesting, combining the stealthy and multiplayer aspects of something like SpyParty or Deadly pursuit with modern survival mechanics.

My only disadvantage is that this is a multiplayer game for eight people. Given the speed with which multiplayer populations collapse in this kind of games … better to know it at launch or not at all, probably.

Outcast, no more

THQ Nordic starts 2019 running, continuing the series of acquisitions in progress in recent years. This time he bought the rights to outcast, the open world adventure game released in 1999 – and apparently redone as Paria: Second contact in 2017. Given the remake that just happened, I guess it was purchased with the intention of making a sequel, but outcast is pretty niche by 2019 standards. I'm not quite sure what To be honest, THQ plans to do with all these games that it acquires.

Creeping through the fallout

And finally, a little bit of Fall new. It was actually announced in December, but I missed it. Fallout 76 in 2018 gets copies of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout tactics free. You will find your copies in the launcher. Click on the arrow at the top left to see the list of all Bethesda games (not just those shown in the sidebar), then you will find the three classics. Falls somewhere in this list, ready to install.

It may not be the most seductive gift in a long time Fall Fans, because I guess many of them already had these games – maybe even for free, since distributed some copies a few years ago. But hey, it's free games and a little good Fall new. Sincerely, Bethesda. (Via PC Gamer)

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