The GEIO combat robot is ruthless against its enemies


Robots, virtual violence and augmented reality – we have a lot of fun these days. GEIO, a robot robot of Chinese robot GJS, begins to take risks.

GEIO with AR will debut later this month for $ 200, GJS announced at the CES Consumer Technology Show in Las Vegas. It comes with a companion app for iOS or Android and a paper mat specially designed to help GEIO move easily. The app features a design inspired by the first-person shooter that lets you see from the robot's point of view via its 3MP camera (this camera can also record).

We saw GEIO in AR combat at the CES. With the help of a smartphone, you can associate GEIO with virtual enemies. As you control its movements on your phone, you also execute its attack strategy, which can include lasers, missiles, bombs and more, to eliminate the increased enemies of GEIO.

Of course, GEIO can also fight other real robots. He uses GJS facial recognition algorithms to identify other robots to eliminate them. Face recognition also allows GEIO to recognize its owner.

We were impressed by the way GEIO crossed the arena. It uses four wheels and two servomotors for a 360-degree movement. Your phone can also be used as a motion controller. GEIO does the same when your phone moves to the left.

GEIO connects via WiFi at a frequency of 5 GHz. It weighs 730 grams (1.6 lb) and can reach up to 40 ° C (40 ° C) temperature, according to GLS. The combat bot has four infrared sensors on the legs, as well as internal infrared and magnetic sensors. Like the previous GEIO, its companion app includes a coding feature, allowing you to change the design of the AR game experience graphics and effects.

Real enemies, increased enemies, it does not matter; GEIO comes for them. Let's be happy that we are not on the wrong side.