The best creative tools of CES 2019


This year at CES, I noticed more than two things: portable, mobile, easy vlogging, and vloggers. There were a lot of gimbals and selfies, as people filmed themselves on the show to create content for their own audience.

In view of the wealth of cameras, lighting devices and artist devices, they all seem to encourage the idea that everyone can become a "creator" simply by posting a video on YouTube or by creating works of art to share online. I know that the tools do not make the artist, but by discovering these new products, I felt an emotion and aspirations. "Should I become a YouTuber?" I asked myself before shaking off the impure thoughts.

Updated versions of familiar industry heavyweight products, such as Wacom, to new start-up ideas such as iSKN and Remo, here are the most interesting tools I've seen at CES with which create content.

Wacom Cintiq 16

At $ 650, Wacom's new 16-inch pen display is the most affordable of all time. While the old Wacom tablets may have scared off artists looking to release Intuos' entry-level line of pen tablets, the Cintiq 16 aims to fill this gap, albeit at the cost of screen resolution 4K from the Cintiq Pro range. The Cintiq 16 comes with the Wacom Pro Pen 2 with 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity, but you'll need to buy the $ 100 ExpressKey and the $ 80 stand alone. Given all that has been added, the device is significantly more expensive than competitors' tablets like Huion, but it's still a promising step for Wacom to make its tablets more accessible to the average consumer.

iSKN Slip Repaper

While many smart notebooks scan paper drawings and text, ISKN Slate tablets have always appealed to me because of its unique character. Unlike other scanners that require pens and dots, the camera allows you to use your own pens, pencils and paper. The tablet magnets follow the features of the drawing through magnetic rings slid on the pencil, which are then displayed in real time on the companion application. It's a fun way to scribble on paper when you're tired of doing everything digitally, although you can still use it as a graphics tablet if you want. Slate offers a lot of flexibility and a fun new way to play with artistic tools.

Remo Obsbot Tail

The Obsbot Tail felt like a surprisingly polished end product with excellent build quality, which is an impressive achievement because it is the very first device of the Chinese start-up Remo. The 4K camera compatible with IA followed my movements gently, the camera followed me and zoomed in when I activated his gestural controls. While its main purpose is to capture action scenes such as skateboarding and dance, its portability means it is versatile enough to be used almost anywhere. The product should be launched on Kickstarter next week, priced at around $ 400.

Elgato Key Light Display

It's the LED light that made me think briefly of being a Twitch or YouTube streamer, if only because I wanted to invest $ 200 in a professional light platform for my desktop (I know this is not the case, and that there is more than streaming that look good on camera, but support with me). Lighting makes a huge difference, and if Mariah Carey did not let herself be fooled by supermarket lighting, you should not be in poor light for your feeds either. You deserve it, baby!

Shure MV88 + video kit

This $ 249 video kit combines a digital condenser microphone and a Manfrotto Pixi tripod that attaches to a phone clip. It even comes with USB-C and Lightning cables for connection to Android and iOS devices. There is also a headphone jack so you can control your own sound when you shoot. It is intended for podcasters, vloggers and field reporters who attach great importance to audio quality. It is now available for pre-order.