Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa fought for our attention at CES 2019


Alexa has become a household name for smart assistants, but her struggle with Google Assistant is getting harder than expected. The products can support Alexa and Google Assistant. Given that smart home companies want to sell their products to as many customers as possible, Alexa wins fewer and fewer exclusive wins.

Google took advantage of its massive presence at CES this week to send a message that it also had more ambitious projects for the assistant. Even at other companies' shows, Google has deployed employees dressed in white clothes and hats on the wizard theme to introduce visitors to the features it could offer on third-party devices. He has also launched a new mode of interpretation on Google Assistant, which is currently being tested in hotels in Las Vegas, New York and San Francisco.

Picture of Vjeran Pavic / Grouvy Today

In contrast, Amazon's presence seemed weak. Amazon had two main booths – one for Ring and one for Amazon Key – that did not seem perfectly prepared. On both stands, live demos of important features of Amazon were not available. Ring's new Door View Cam was neither activated nor connected to the app, and a finished booth, Amazon's Key for Garage did not have much to show.

Dave Limp, Senior Vice President of Amazon for Devices and Services of Amazon, said in an interview: "Customers do not care about an advertising campaign on the Las Vegas Strip. " And it may be for this reason that his presence has been reduced. Alexa is already well established in the smart home sector, while Google Assistant still feels like an outsider with something to prove (even though it's technically on 10x more devices, thanks to its presence on Android).

Picture of Shannon Liao / Grouvy Today

But Alexa's appearance is no longer so obvious when you look at all the existing gadgets, because the manufacturers of third-party devices do not play the favorites. Devices such as the U by Moen shower, the Lockly Secure Pro smart lock and the August locks, compatible with Alexa and Google, are compatible with Apple and Google, while the HomeKit is looming in the # 39; horizon. Getting all these systems on one device took "most of last year" for Lockly, said CEO Lee Zheng. "Obviously, Apple HomeKit will take a little longer."

Very few companies have adopted a definitive position regarding intelligent assistants, which means that we will continue to use these complete devices, allowing different assistants to develop and grow simultaneously. Alexa may have taken a quick lead in this race, but it's not over yet.