"Bird Box Challenge": the driver crashed his eyes covered, according to the police


Police in Utah said that a driver was covering his eyes and participating in the "Bird Box Challenge" when she crashed into another vehicle on Monday.

The police department of the town of Layton tweeted Friday that the accident had not caused any injuries. The department warned drivers not to participate in the viral challenge, in which people are moving blindfolded, referring to the Netflix movie "Bird Box".

"Bird Box Challenge driving … a predictable result," said the department's tweet.

Deseret News reports that the driver was 17 years old and would have donned a hat over her eyes while driving a van at a speed of about 35 mph.

"It did not take long for her to lose control," said Deseret News police lieutenant Travis Lyman.

"It's outrageous that somebody is thinking of doing that," Lyman said, according to the publication. "The stakes are far too big to do anything like that while driving."

Quoting Lyman, the publication indicates that the driver began to deviate before making her way through traffic and dragging a vehicle in the opposite direction. The teenager then hit a lamppost and a concrete barrier, according to the publication.

Last week, Netflix warned users of the potential dangers to the safety of participating in the Bird Box Challenge.

"I can not believe I have to say that, but: PLEASE DO NOT HURT WITH THIS BIRD BOX CHALLENGE," tweeted the company on Jan. 2. "We do not know how it started, and we appreciate love, but Boy and Girl has only one wish for 2019 and it's that you do not end up at it." 39 hospital because of the memes. "

In December, "Birdbox", Netflix's popular film, captured the public, sparked memes and sparked debates among millions of viewers during its first week of broadcast.

In the film, Sandra Bullock's character Melanie and her two children (Boy and Girl) travel through a post-apocalyptic world with blindfolded eyes to avoid seeing a threatening figure. In "Bird Box", seeing the mysterious monster has deadly consequences.

Contribution: Dalvin Brown, United States TODAY & # 39; HUI