Best Buy offers the largest discounts we've seen on the iPad Pro 2018 so far


The new iPad Pro models are quite impressive, but they are also quite expensive. Fortunately, Best Buy offers discounts of $ 100 to $ 150 for two days for old and new iPad Pro models. Remove non-product related links, making these prices much more acceptable to the portfolio. In some cases, these are the best prices we have ever seen.

You will find 32 different models on sale, but here are some of the great offers. You can pick up an iPad Pro 2018 201GB 11-inch 11-inch priced at $ 700 Remove the non-product link (instead of $ 800), or get the unreleased 10GB link from the space 64 GB gray of 2017 with only $ 550 (down $ 650).

If you want more space (and this is probably the case, especially if you plan to use these devices as "pro devices"), you can get the most out of it. iPad Pro 512 GB 11 inch 2018 for just $ 1,000Delete the non-product link, compared to normal retail. price of $ 1,150.

As I said in our review, the new iPad Pro are wonderful machines – as long as you keep in mind that they are tablets and not laptops. There is also the bendgate controversy, but to date, I have not seen anything of folding in Macworld's own iPad Pro. In addition, tablets still have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in Best Buy. I therefore doubt that many other users encounter the same problem. That said, at this point, I have no doubt that the problem exists, so you should at least keep this possibility in mind when making your purchase.

If you think you're taking too much risk, you'll be fine if you use the 2017 iPad Pro instead. Its processor is still as fast as it is lit (although the latest models are very fast), and they still work very well with the first-generation Apple Pencil. Currently, application performance does not differ significantly between the two models, although this may not be the case when Adobe Photoshop is finally available on iPad Pro later this year.

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