The world's first electric bike incorporating Alexa from Amazon


The world's first electric bike with Alexa integrated was presented at CES 2019. (Photo: Starla Sampaco)

LAS VEGAS – The first electric bike with Amazon's digital assistant debuted at CES this week.

The highly anticipated Cybic E-Legend bike includes a SIM card. As a result, users will not need Wi-Fi to use Alexa functions such as messaging and phone calls.

"It's a hands-free operation, so you do not need to stop your bike to get your phone out," said David Kumar, product manager at Alexa Voice Services. "You can transfer your phone number to the SIM card, so you do not really need to carry your phone."

This is the first electric bike in the world with @Amazon Alexa integrated in:

– GeekWire (@geekwire) January 10, 2019

The Alexa Compatible Electronic Bike is not yet available for sale in the United States. Kumar said his intention was to launch it around May in the UK. The US launch could take place later in the year.

A feature that makes the electric bike unique compared to other Alexa devices is the ability to set calorie goals.

For example, said Kumar, a runner might say, "I want to burn 100 calories." Then, Alexa would ask you for your weight and you would map out a route accordingly. Kumar said the new electric bike could also track the distance traveled by a cyclist and estimate the time it will take to get home.

"Of course, and most importantly, you can ask," Where is the nearest Starbucks? "And he will tell you where he is and you will go there," said Kumar.

In default mode, the e-bike display shows the speed, elevation and remaining battery charge. The intelligent LED lane lighting allows the bike to project a beam on its sides, so that others do not know that they do not approach too much at night. Other features of the bike include a built-in headlight, built-in speaker, tire pressure sensors, Wi-Fi access point and turn signals.