Report: Amazon builds a game broadcast service


Sony is already doing this, Microsoft and Google are working on it, so it makes sense for Amazon to want to get into video streaming. Having AWS available and owning Twitch is already obvious, right?

  • January 11, 2019 11:15 am EST
  • January 11, 2019
  • Amazon Fire TV Game Controller

    If we believe the latest rumors, Amazon is ready to engage in the fray and offer us another platform to play on which only it would be streamed.

    The subscription and streaming of video games seem more and more likely to replace the purchase of physical games and the download of digital games. Sony already offers such a service via PlayStation Now, Microsoft is working on a streaming Xbox and Google is testing Project Stream. It is not surprising that Amazon is also working on its own game streaming service.

    According to The Information (via The Next Web), the move would allow Amazon to remove the need for powerful gaming equipment from the equation. Instead, the games would be run in Amazon data centers and broadcast on a wide range of devices, including simple streaming media players such as Fire TV. devices.

    Amazon is well positioned to operate such a service with its Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers operating around the world and accustomed to handling very heavy data loads. After all, Netflix is ​​running on AWS and Amazon already has its own music streaming and streaming services and owns the game-oriented Twitch broadcast platform, which would be the most obvious brand to use for a game service. There would surely be a link with Amazon Prime too.

    Amazon previously offered a game controller for Fire TV devices, but dropped out of hardware support last September because it did not want to continue to support a proprietary connection protocol. A streaming game service would certainly give Amazon the ability to launch a new gaming keyboard, but probably using Bluetooth this time around.

    Is the future of video games one of the small boxes and streaming experiences? Even if your answer to this is a "No!" this will definitely become a much more popular option, no matter which platform you choose to play on.