From bad to worse: bad news leads to simplistic analysis


Apple's announcement of revised forecasts for the last quarter ended was typically met with a flurry of botched analysis.

Written for the Forbes network of contributors and for its competitive circuit, Gordon Kelly provides almost a one-stop shop for silly claims about Apple's downward revision.

"Fears about iPhone sales after the reduction of Apple's estimate by Apple." Uluroo.)

The leaks were right.

And it took only 10 years of breathtaking reports on the rumor of the Apple supply chain to finally be right! So it was all worth it.

Last year, these sources said that Apple had reduced the production of the iPhone X up to 60%, which was totally wrong, but who cares? They were right this year! Everything is for … uh, well, not forgiven. More like forgotten.

Cook assigns all responsibility for macroeconomic challenges "in certain markets" …

Like it's a real thing! But smart people who write for the Forbes network of contributors and store all of their excess bodily fluids in their basements so that the government can not control them, recognize this type of basic inflammation when they see it.

In short, Apple under Cook has produced only two new iPhone models in eight years: the iPhone 6 (identical over four generations) and the iPhone X (identical until 2020).

According to Kelly, the iPhone 5, 5C, larger Plus and Max sizes and the iPhone XR do not count. Just because, that's why.

Meanwhile, rivals continue to innovate.

One of them innovated a phone that explodes!

Oh sorry. It is considered trivial to mention the Galaxy Note 7 on Forbes' network of contributors, unless you write to congratulate Samsung for reacting quickly to the problem.

The design of the iPhone 2020 from Apple has already been released by Samsung in 2018 and the notch is outdated, with its cutouts, tears, pop-up cameras and its sliding cameras.

It's the moment of the party where you simply nod your head: "Yes, if there is one thing we can all agree on is that the fist holes, the tears and the dazzling selfie cameras are definitely, uh, more innovative than the notches. "

Then you whisper to your wife, "Take your coat, Martha, and go to the back door. I go out the window of the bathroom and I find you in the car. When you go out, run. Run as fast as possible. I like you. "

All this raises a more general problem: Apple does not have much to do to solve this problem.

Let us contrast this with better reviews. Because Apple has definitely made mistakes here. This article by Ben Thompson summarizes the mistakes made by Apple – which are mostly, but not all, related to China – while explaining how society can avoid them in the future and pointing out that even though Is serious, it is not a complete disaster. .

You may be aware that Apple's new directions are helping it get its second best quarter ever, rather than the best of all time. You may get this result unless you're busy drooling around cut-outs and pop-up cameras.

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