Documentation leak: Verizon Alpha tests a streaming service called Verizon Gaming, currently running on Nvidia Shield TV, then expanded to Android


Verizon is currently conducting alpha testing of Verizon Gaming, a streaming gaming service that would represent a major new initiative for the domestic and mobile internet giant. The edge can report that Verizon Gaming is already operational on the Nvidia Shield decoder and, according to the company documentation, will eventually arrive on Android smartphones. In both cases of use, the service can be read with the help of a paired Xbox One controller. Verizon has not publicly announced Verizon Gaming, nor even actually acknowledged its existence.

Verizon quietly recruited players to participate in the test, which currently includes more than 135 games. An Amazon gift card valued at $ 150 is promised to participants. They receive a free Nvidia Shield, an Xbox One controller and a login for the test.

The Verizon Gaming app is preinstalled on the Shield device. Verizon will also distribute it to testers privately through Google Play later this month. This first test is scheduled to end at the end of January, according to e-mails seen by The edge.

Verizon Gaming

verizon gaming vzg

Screenshots of Verizon Gaming titles, including Red Dead Redemption 2 Fortnite, God of War, Battlefield V, and Destiny 2. It would be an amazing collection of games if it was accurate – God of the war is an exclusive PlayStation 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 does not have a PC port yet – but it is likely that some or all of those displayed are placeholders. Indeed, in response to a few complaints from testers about the delay and a mediocre early experience, Verizon says he's currently focused on getting the basics before worrying about game selection. "This test is mostly performance-based," the Verizon Gaming team recently wrote in an email to attendees. "At a later date, when we move the product forward, our library will be made up of most or all of the best games you know, but at this early stage we are working on the engine and its components."

As an example of the beginning of Verizon Gaming, games do not have any backup options; players must start from the beginning each time. The "VZG" badge on certain games (including Red Dead) is certainly interesting, but we are still looking for a very old version of this service. On a comment forum intended for Verizon Gaming testers, an employee notes that there are placeholders in the application and that not everything is definitive or representative of the sales department. Another subject of an alpha participant contains an image that shows software from Utomik – a small business that already specializes in streaming games – apparently running as part of Verizon Gaming. Verizon may build Verizon Gaming from Utomik's technology.

The tests show that Verizon is the latest company to adopt a cloud gaming strategy that allows them to play on many modern devices and platforms. Similar efforts are underway in the technology sector: Microsoft is working on Project xCloud, Google is testing Project Stream and Amazon is developing its own game service.

For Verizon, cloud games could be a showcase for 5G broadband at home and on the go. The low latency and fast data rates of 5G could solve many of the problems facing streaming applications – such as Sony's PlayStation Now – today. And it's easy to think that Verizon Gaming is a complement to the company's Internet or mobile home data services.

An offer of employment for a November "cloud product manager" adds credibility to Verizon Gaming, which is finally optimized for 5G. "The Cloud Gaming Product Manager is responsible for providing next generation gaming experiences that leverage the power and capabilities of Verizon 5G's network connectivity," says the listing.

job offers of verizon games maybe

Verizon was also looking for a product manager for 5G mobile gaming and a video game producer during the same period. But 5G faces a long deployment, which is why Verizon is testing Verizon Gaming on consumer Wi-Fi networks now.Grouvy Today contacted Verizon for a comment.