Square launches an integrated payments SDK for iOS, Android and Google Flutter's multi-platform mobile development SDK


A point of sale terminal Square. (Square photo)

Betting that users of its in-store payment equipment and Web services also want to use Square for their mobile applications, the company launches a mobile software development kit for mobile giants on Wednesday.

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The Square In-App Payment Kit will work with iOS and Android devices as well as the Flutter Cross-Platform Mobile Development System. Developers using the new services will be able to allow customers to use Apple Pay or Google Pay, as well as old traditional credit cards within their own mobile apps, and link this data to purchases made in their physical stores or the web.

Payment services are clearly an important part of the economics of mobile applications, and it is not very easy to implement a mobile system that complies with financial regulations for Internet payments. Companies such as Stripe and PayPal from Braintree have been providing similar services to app developers for years, but Square believes its "omnichannel" approach will convince developers to engage with Square, said Carl Perry, head of developers of the company.

An overview of the new Mobile Payment Software Development Kit built into Square's application. (GIF square)

"Square is the only vendor to have all the features," he said, linking the new mobile application services to popular hardware devices at Square's outlets. It's harder to integrate payment data from different payment providers and companies might be able to discover interesting information about how their customers are buying their goods or services via multiple channels, said Perry. .

Developers interested in bumping tires on the new SDK can find it here.