Instagram is constantly bringing new features to its service, and the newer one will benefit people who operate multiple accounts.

The so-called "self-registration" feature is now available to iOS users, although no one knows if or when it will land for those who own an Android device.

If you have multiple Instagram accounts and you are signed in to two or more of them, the multi-account publishing option appears on the last page of the process when you publish a photo.

Just look at the bottom of the screen and you will see Publish to other accounts, with your accounts underneath. Then click on the buttons of the accounts on which you want to publish the photo or video.

This feature will save a little time for those who manage multiple accounts and sometimes send two or more of them. In reality, there is usually a reason why a person has more than one account because the content sent to them is different. This can be a person with a personal account and a professional account, or two personal accounts that each focus on very different types of content. In this case, we do not know how useful this feature will be for most users.

To be clear, this is not the "regram" feature that some users would like to have, where you will be able to repost messages from other users, in the manner of the Twitter retweet. Despite information suggesting late last year that Instagram was working on such a feature, the company has since asserted that it was not currently considering adding such functionality republication to the application.

Before leaving the company in September 2018, Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom said in an interview that he and his team had discussed the idea of ​​a regram button a lot. But he also said that "keeping your flow focused on people you know rather than finding others to discover" was at the heart of how Instagram works, adding that it was "more of a testimony of our focus on authenticity." and about the connections you actually have on anything else. "

If you really want to resume the content of your Instagram feed, you can try some workarounds.