Get to know the flying cars, taxis, electric motorcycles and scooters of CES 2019


Harley-Davidson goes on electricity at CES 2019.Harley-Davidson goes on electricity at CES 2019.

Image: Bridget Bennett / Mashable

Everyone says that the CES has become the main auto show of the year, bringing the Detroit Auto Show from January to June, starting in 2020, but it's not just about cars or what is on display there. in Las Vegas.

Hold on for some of the funkier, over-the-top, prototype concepts, and even real production vehicles that compete for the spotlight at the huge technology trade show. Here's a collection of flying electric vehicles, electric motorcycles, three-wheeled scooters and more. And, as always, we can not forget the electronic scooters.

Harley-Davidson electric motorcycle

Drive clean with an electric motorcycle.

Drive clean with an electric motorcycle.

Image: Bridget Bennett / Mashable

The LiveWire – Harley-Davidson's first all-electric motorcycle – was on display after the motorcycle community learned this week that pre-orders are now open. The bike is expected to arrive in August and will cost about $ 30,000.

This is not a conceptual vehicle – it is coming, and soon.

Personal flying vehicle

The ElectraFly of Deseret UAS is a hybrid flying vehicle of an electric person. However, it can be difficult to convince someone to kindly stick to the device. It is still a prototype, but the company plans to use it as a tool for military or emergency services. Finally, the flying machine wants to become an air taxi. It will be all the way to greet.

Bell air taxi

The monstrous Nexus of the Bell Helicopter Company could not be avoided – it was so huge in the living room that everyone noticed it.

It's just a concept of what an air travel on demand might look like one day. But it's intense.

Pal-V flying car

Pal-V did not bring his Liberty flying car to CES, but they were demonstrating virtual reality demonstrations of the hybrid vehicle experience.

Driving mode.

Driving mode.

Airplane mode.

Airplane mode.

The Dutch company plans to take off this year. Pal-V showed the combination car / plane that can accommodate two people and can fly or drive on the road. He has made reservations to buy the vehicle and is expected to debut this year.

Yamaha three-wheeled vehicles

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Ready to go!

Image: Sasha lekach / mashable

A three – wheeled motorcycle sounds like a tricycle with a powerful engine, but Yamaha exposes his Niken to show that it 's a real beast.

Next door is Tritown's smaller, less intimidating concept vehicle, including a three-wheeled electric scooter. Yamaha calls this a "compact electric vehicle". The way you hold your balance controls.


Segway-Ninebot provides scooter equipment to many electric scooter companies like Bird, Lyft, Spin and others. This year at CES, they presented a new model.

Discover the Max shared scooter model, designed for repeated use and difficult conditions in the streets of the city.

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Model Max is designed for scooter fleets.

Other battery powered scooters were also present at the show, like the Etergo AppScooter, which claims to have 150 miles of autonomy.

And you can not forget the very resembling Elevate, a four-legged Hyundai rescue vehicle that looks like a creature.

It's much more than cars at CES.

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