Why is Netflix forbidden to share our streaming personal data?


The beginning of a new year is an ideal time for personal reflection. It is also the time of year when many technology and service companies offer users a retrospective review of the year by analyzing all the user data that they collect.

In December, social feeds were flooded with publications sharing Spotify Wrapped results and top nine posts on Instagram. Last week, Google sent me a no do not Scary distribution of wherever I have traveled and my favorite local favorite places of last year. Facebook, for what it's worth, is always there to remind you how long you've been connected to friends and how much you've "loved" them on their site. Pocket Casts tracks all of your podcast listening habits and breaks down the time you've saved by skipping intros, removing silence and listening to varying speeds. Well done, these summaries of data are very amusing also Help us inform us of our habits, whether they are good or bad.

And then Netflix, probably the most popular streaming service and a company that relies heavily on Big Data to not only track what people are watching, but also to determine what people are watching. could want to watch next. Despite all that Netflix knows about my streaming habits, it should not be too much to ask to see a year in review the Netflix statistics of 2018.

Come on, Netflix. I want to know how many hours have I spent at binging Office last year!

We can all agree that the possibilities of data breakdown of all our Netflix consumption habits are very interesting. It's no secret that Netflix meticulously follows behind the scenes: it's the way they determine which projects to produce and which movies and series. show the right to sue.

There is so much interesting data that could be compiled. I want to know how much time I spent watching videos, as well as comparisons between the different profiles of my Netflix account, to see how my viewing habits compare to those of my other family members. I want to know my longer oversight sessions and my total time monitoring for the year (as depressing as these numbers are).

It would be both fun and informative to learn how much time we spend each year on Netflix.

I want to know how much time I've saved by jumping intros and how much time I've lost to browsing the menu looking for something good to look at. I want to see a pie chart How I'm watching Netflix between the website and the times when I use Netflix apps on my phone, my tablet, NVIDIA Shield and Xbox One. And perhaps with the most redundancy, I just want Netflix to reaffirm my love for specific genres, shows and movies, just as Spotify does for my musical tastes.

Netflix has partial credit for publishing data on the most popular issues of 2018, but I am more than a little skeptical with these datasets. For me, these lists appear more like intelligent marketing tools for Netflix Originals than as real snapshots of our collective viewing habits.

Some direct data makes no sense, as if Marvel was showing Daredevil, Iron fist, and Luke Cage were among the most popular shows aired last year, why is Netflix canceling them? Why the hell would Netflix spend $ 100 million to secure streaming rights on friends until 2019 if it was not one of the most popular shows of the service, right? I personally watched again the entirety of Office Frankly, several times last year – more times than I'd like to admit – and I might think that a lot of Netflix users are also streamers in nostalgic Netflix offerings.

So come on, Netflix. Give us all a sneak peek of all the fun and informative streaming data you've collected about us. The best thing you are currently offering is to watch our streaming activity based on our devices and location, and even that is useless unless you're trying to find out if your ex still uses your Netflix ID. You can do better than that, and considering how you continue to drive up the price of your subscriptions, the less You could have fun sharing our streaming habits.