Felix Gray's latest glasses reduce blue light to help you sleep

Felix Gray Sleep Glasses

Forty-four percent of Americans would like to sleep better, according to lifestyle brand Felix Gray. Thus, in order to help people improve their sleep, the company announced the new glasses Felix Gray Sleep. Felix Gray was previously known for his "computer glasses", intended for general computer use and the reduction of eye strain.

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Many medical studies have concluded that the blue light emitted by the screens can suppress melatonin levels – which means that the body may not be able to prepare to fall asleep when it should. The sleep glasses aim to prevent this.

The lenses essentially filter blue light, allowing the body to produce melatonin and then fall asleep at the right time.

"Our goal has never been to change people's habits. According to our research, 60% of Americans watch television before going to bed, 42% visit Facebook and 37% watch videos streaming on sites such as YouTube or Netflix – this will not change and will probably increase, "said David Gray, CEO of Felix Gray Roger said in a statement.

Of course, other companies have made efforts to reduce the amount of blue light we receive in the eyes, and that will only continue. Apple and Google integrate features in their smartphones to reduce blue light after a certain time of day, and can be triggered automatically at a given time. Still, many devices do not yet support such features, and the main responsible seems to be the TV. Many people watch TV in the evening before going to bed, which can be problematic for the time of sleeping.

Sleep glasses cost $ 95 and are available as prescription, over-the-counter and reader models – so everyone can use them. Not only that, but they are also available in all colors and styles of Felix Gray, which look pretty elegant. According to Felix Gray, his new glasses are the only ones that can see the true colors, despite the fact that the glasses are tinted to cut blue light. If you would like to purchase Felix Gray eyeglasses, visit their website.