Lisa Su, CEO of Advanced Micro Devices, announced the chip's new graphics processor unit, the 7-nanometer AMD Radeon VII graphics chip.

The second-generation Vega graphics chip uses a 7-nanometer manufacturing process to give a 27% to 62% boost to graphics-related benchmarks, Su said.

It has a memory bandwidth of one terabyte per second, 25% better performance at the same power and 60 compute units running up to 1.8 GHz.

Above: AMD Radeon VII.

Image credit: Dean Takahashi

She made these remarks during a speech at CES 2019, the big technology show in Las Vegas this week. It was a historic moment for AMD, 50 years old.

"This is an important moment for AMD, and for me," said Su.

At CES 2019, Su announced the first AMD-enabled Chromebooks.

Su has published impressive numbers. There are 1.5 billion PCs in the world and they are used for the creation, analysis and decision making of heavy trucks. According to her, by 2025, the number of connected devices will reach 35 billion, which will result in growth of 10 times the data volume, which will reach 175 zettabytes, compared to 20 zettabytes in 2016. 160 million 39, laptops will be sold this year. Growing category is ultra-thin laptops.

It took about five years to design the AMD Zen core, which can deliver 52 percent better performance per clock cycle than its predecessor. And AMD has introduced 10 families of different chips based on Zen architecture since 2017. These computers can perform tasks such as waking up with voice commands, perform productivity tasks for 12 hours and allow playing on laptops.

Su said the company's 32-core Threadripper processor is used by content creators to capture moves and tell stories in such films as Fox Labs and director Jim Cameron's studio.

Above: Announcement of Radeon VII at CES 2019

Image credit: Dean Takahashi

"Quality graphics require more than just high-performance hardware," said Su. "Players know that software is just as important. Next month, AMD will launch Radeon Software support for Ryzen Mobile processors.

Su said that a record number of Zen-based notebooks would come this year from the largest computer manufacturers in the industry, from Acer to Lenovo.

Su said more than 400 million players would play Radeon graphics on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the cloud.

"Why is the game so popular," she asked. "The game brings people together. Players love technology and have high expectations. That's why we love all types of games at AMD. "

Phil Spencer, Games Manager at Microsoft, has joined Su on stage. "The game has really become a form of mainstream entertainment," he said.

Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, at the CES 2019 keynote address.

Above: Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, at the CES 2019 keynote address.

Image credit: Dean Takahashi

In 2014, Microsoft launched the Xbox One with AMD chips and Microsoft launched the Xbox One X in November 2017, again with AMD processors. Spencer said that there are 4 billion connected users on the planet and that 2 billion are gamers.

He said the cloud is playing a bigger role in the gaming world today. He said the critical components of the next decade of games were content, community and the cloud. Microsoft is working on Project X Cloud to allow play on any device. But they did not make any announcement of future work.

AMD is a little slow in terms of graphics chips, lagging behind Nvidia in the latest generation of graphics chips. But he introduced the AMD Radeon RX 590 processor last December.

"We know exactly what players think," said Su. "AMD likes players. AMD loves performance. "

Then she introduced the AMD Radeon VII processor. Su presented Capcom's The Division 2 and Capcom's Devil May Cry 5 on Radeon VII. These games will be released soon and AMD will associate The Division 2 with Radeon VII.

Radeon VII will be on sale at $ 700 on February 7th. Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, said in an interview after the conference that the performance of the Radeon VII was "disappointing.

All in all, it was a big day for AMD. It was the first time on the big stage in Las Vegas in 2002 that Comdex was the star and brought the merchandise, "said Patrick Moorhead, an analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, in an email. "The biggest surprise of the day was the reinstatement of AMD in the enthusiastic graphic space, which it had not seen for at least five years. With Radeon VII, the company more than doubles the highest price of its consumer graphics cards ($ 249 to $ 699), which is huge. I think the Radeon VII will work better in the mainstream creative space thanks to its 16GB of HBM, but it will also perform well in games. The success of Radeon VII will depend on the number of people that society can win and the importance that players place on features such as the accelerated radius of competition. "