NBN Co gives itself until September to reduce the number of cluttered cells


NBN Co is given up in September of this year to reduce to less than 1% the proportion of cluttered cells on its fixed wireless network.

The network builder provided the deadline in response to questions from the latest Senate estimates.

The director of network engineering, Peter Ryan, said last April that the company had set a goal of reducing the proportion of cluttered cells on the network from six to seven percent to less than one to hundred.

However, he has never set a deadline for this to happen. NBN Co gave an indication of the speed of its efforts in October, indicating that the total proportion of congested cells was less than 4%.

NBN Co considers that a cell is officially congested when its download speed "30 days … average rush hour" [falls] below … 6 Mbps "per user.

"As of October 31, 2018, there were 416 cells in the network" that met this definition of congestion, said today the NBN Co.

"NBN Co is working to reduce the number of cells exceeding the current engineering threshold to less than 1% of cells by the end of September 2019," he said.

"There is not only a dedicated work program in place to ensure priority upgrade of cells currently below the engineering threshold, but also a proactive upgrade program to prevent cells do not go below the engineering threshold. "

Last February, NBN Co advanced the planned work to try to fight against growing congestion on the fixed wireless network, result of participation rates higher than expected during the planning of the network in 2011.

The company has since committed to spend an additional $ 800 million to address these issues.

NBN Co has faced renewed pressure to act more quickly in recent months, with the possibility of having to pay rebates to users trapped in congested cells.

While the company expects to have less than 1% of cells congested by September this year, she said she planned to continue her efforts to further reduce that number after this period.

"The upgrade program should continue even after this time, in order to maintain performance," said NBN Co.