Indiegogo says that the year 2018 has been the most successful with 1,300 successes


In 2018, the Indiegogo campaigns carried 1,300 ideas products to delivered products. The crowdfunding platform shared the statistics for the first time at the beginning of the New Year, while reviewing milestones, such as new partnerships designed to bring more projects to life.

Last year, about 1.4 million people made 2.1 million contributions to projects on Indiegogo. The platform indicates that these donors came from all the countries and territories of the world. Thirty Indiegogo projects generated more than $ 1 million through crowdfunding, while 250 projects exceeded $ 100,000.

Campaigns for TicPods Free Wireless Headsets, PaMu Headphones and Rocketbook's Everlast Mini Reusable Notebook have delivered the most products to contributors over the past year. Like the sponsors, Indiegogo said that the creators of projects came from around the world, the majority of them from China, the United States and the United Kingdom. in 2018, Indiegogo said.

Last year, Indiegogo's most successful project over the past 11 years also helped Mate X raise more than $ 20 million in two separate campaigns for a foldable electric bike. While crowdfunding platforms are known for launching startups, Indiegogo has also seen 15 Fortune 500 companies launch campaigns this year, including Lego, Coca-Cola and Tyson.

Indiegogo has also shared investments designed to help funders have more confidence in seeing the products they recover. Partnerships with Arrow Electronics and Ingram Micro have enabled the platform to offer more support to entrepreneurs, says Indiegogo.

"Since Indiegogo started crowdfunding 11 years ago, the company has completely revolutionized the way entrepreneurs realize their dreams," the company wrote in a blog post. "While more and more entrepreneurs are using Indiegogo to connect with their first customers, we are particularly excited about the most unique and innovative products that are making our platform a success every day. And in recent years, we have been more focused on helping these entrepreneurs realize their ideas. "

In 2017, Indiegogo hosted nearly 2 million donors, with 2.4 million contributions from 172 countries, spread across 98,000 campaigns for the platform. The campaign with the most contributions in 2017 brought together more than 42,000 contributors.