Twitch re-injects a banner accused of assault after briefly letting him back


Today, the Australian Fortnite The MrDeadMoth streamer, aka 26-year-old Luke Munday, was again banned from Twitch for an indefinite period following an outcry from the community of players. A little less than a month ago, on the evening of December 9, Munday was broadcast in front of thousands of viewers when he could have been heard mugging his partner. "How many times do I have to tell you?" He asked him. audio of the incident showed. The screams of his children are heard in the background.

Munday was later charged with assault and banned from Twitch. But on December 30, he posted a tweet advertising a new stream. As Dexerto reports, "[u]The conversations that referred to the December 9 incident were banned or out of date. Twitch seems to have stopped the MrDeadMoth channel ever since.

When contacted by The edgeTwitch refused to say how long the Munday ban would last. Instead, they provided a statement:

Protecting the integrity of our community is extremely important to us. We want everyone on Twitch to have a positive and safe experience and work hard to achieve that goal. Part of that work is to look at our policies and practices when we find that they do not deal with specific incidents properly to make sure we adapt as the Twitch community grows.

In February, Twitch changed its harassment policy by introducing stricter rules for "hate" behavior on and off the site, as well as sexually suggestive content. But because the company refuses to comment on the suspensions, we do not understand why Twitch decided to allow Munday to come back or why he was banned again. Critics say Twitch's silence on the issue prevents them from taking their commitment to the community seriously.

I can not believe it takes an entire community to be banned … That should not have to happen to something like that for something as bright as the day should have been done 24 hours ago. : /

– Jaison (@Jaisoon_) January 4, 2019

If beating your SO on the wire does not deserve a perma-ban then what does it do?

– Nelly Beans (@Nelli_Beans) January 4, 2019

expensive @tic/@TwitchSupport ,

Mrdeadmoth, the garbage man who beat his wife during a live broadcast was banned on twitch. We saw the viral video of him hurting her. You have been permanently banned for much less. I think this is unacceptable from every angle … it must be a joke.

– HellzGates on Twitch (@TheHellzGates) January 3, 2019

This is not the first time Munday has been charged with a violent crime. In 2011, he was charged with and convicted of "malicious damage" and "common assault," according to