Each year, the Consumer Electronics Show begins the new year with a host of new gadgets that may see the light of day, new prototypes that really impress us and attract a lot of attention. the next big thing in technology that's just around the corner.

This year's discussions will focus on broadband 5G and artificial intelligence, and how they will change our lives as we know them. Faster 5G Internet signals will provide the backbone for autonomous autonomous cars and smart cities to improve traffic flow and other services. AI will take into account the promise of the ever-flourishing Smart Home and will use our voices to order Alexa and Google to turn on and turn off the lights and tell us the time that it will make. Bret Kinsella, publisher of the Voicebot.ai website, traces the evolution of voice computing.

The ETUC, which will start unofficially on Sunday, will have more than 4,500 exhibitors presenting thousands of products to an audience of 180,000 or more.

Some of the trends we expect to see in product form:

New form factors

LG, based in South Korea, is expected to roll out a 65-inch folding TV with a selling price of more than $ 10,000. Think of it as a portable movie screen, but with high definition resolution. The idea is not to clutter your living room with the big screen. When you're in the mood to entertain, just unfold it. LG, Samsung and several other manufacturers should also show foldable phones, which can double the actual size of the screen. Instead of a 6.2 inch Galaxy phone, a foldable model offers you a 12.4-inch device that, when folded, fits in your pocket.

Tired of 4K TV? Well, here is 8K

Because 4K is so yesterday, no? There is still not much 4K programming available, but virtually all of the sets sold today have gone from standard high definition to 4K ultra high definition. Manufacturers are turning to the next trend to boost TV sales, which according to the NPD Group's market research group are flat, with a resolution double that of a current 4K package, at exorbitant prices. An 85K $ 85,000 8K Samsung Bundle is currently available. LG, Sony, Vizio, TCL and HiSense are also expected to introduce 8K models at the CES version 2019. But do not worry, these products (with lower prices) should not be mass marketed until 2020. Maybe that viewers will already be able to find 4K programming at their fingertips.

Entertainment by car

Speaking of viewing, Disney, the Hollywood manufacturer, and the automaker Audi have partnered to find solutions that would occupy us in the future, when we are in the back of an autonomous car. Both will unveil the new concept Sunday.

Autonomous cars and motorcycles

Manufacturers love to show autonomous vehicles at CES. But this year, BMW has something a little different. An unmanned motorcycle. The cycle was "developed as a research platform to better understand how to help drivers improve their maneuvers in the future," says BMW.

Voice commands everywhere

If the CES of 2018 was known to newcomers such as Moen's voice-activated showers and an "Alexa, shoot the hunt for me", order a new Kohler dresser that does not have to be used. has never been published, 2019 will see an even more intense battle of Amazon and Google to have their personal assistants everywhere, from toys to all imaginable kitchen products.

"Almost all devices will have this capability," says Gary Shapiro, CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, which produces CES:

"Amazon and Google are struggling," said Jason Johnson, founder of August Home, which makes a popular smart lock that works with Alexa, Google, and Apple's Siri. "It's a race to get Alexa or the Google assistant in every home. Because once you have started one, it is unlikely that you will change. "

This year, we saw Roku, who is the most popular TV streaming player, add Google Assistant, while his rival Amazon, who makes the stick Fire TV, obviously works with Alexa. In the TV world, Amazon has invaded the TV maker space with a branded game under the Toshiba and Best Buy Insignia brands, with Alexa controls to turn on and off the TV and switch channels. These sets rank among Amazon's top sellers, but come just behind the TCL bundles with Roku built-in and, therefore, the Google Assistant. This means that if the consumer wanted to bark television orders from another room, the owner of Roku had to buy a Google Home and the viewer of Amazon TV buy an Echo speaker.

The story continues

LG can have the best solution. It works with both Amazon and Google, offering consumers the choice.

"Alexa or Google is like this year's VHS or Betamax," says Kinsella of Voicebot.ai.

Stephen Baker, an analyst at NPD Group, has been with CES for more than 20 years and notes that many of the products we actually buy for our homes are rarely exposed. "They show what you can not afford, the best technology these guys can offer."

They do it for bragging rights and public relations rights, he says, but also to show what is possible.

The big trend that he sees for 2019 is how to sell bigger products in smaller frames.

Consumers want bigger products, he says, but have been uncomfortable with the way they have denied our salons.

So, this year, opt for TVs with fewer glasses and thinner frames, as Apple has created a larger iPhone with the X Series models that actually look smaller than the previous 8 Plus edition.

"When you eliminate products, people will see things differently," says Baker.

Among the talks at the show, leaders of Verizon and AT & T wireless companies will make speeches where they should explain why 5G will change the world. Both companies have launched a limited 5G service in some cities, while consumers are waiting for the release of consumer phones that can access faster 5G signals. The discussion will continue to heat up in February in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, where more manufacturers are expected to introduce new 5G phones.

But that's another show. For now, it's on Vegas, baby.

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