Incorporation of Yahoo! In Microsoft- The Impact on India


Microsoft entered into India in 1990, 17 years ago. Today, over 5000 professionals are working in 6 divisions for Microsoft India. Among those 6 divisions, 'Microsoft India Development Center', 'Microsoft Global Services India' are predominant in their quality research and development, services.

Coming to Yahoo! India, started in 7 years ago in 2000 and has over 1000 work minds. Yahoo's email and instant messages service software has been developing by 'Yahoo Technology Research Group'. Apart from that, Content management, editorial services, Classification, Comparison, all other services have been caring over by Yahoo Business Services division.

Google has 4 centers in India with a work force over 1100 professionals. Research division, Engineering, Human resource, Online business services, Services division, Sales divisions are doing their work for Google India.

India has 25 million regular internet users. According to some reports, the Online based advertising business has crossed Rs. 210 crores in 2007. This trend is growing and growing day by day. Internationally, Search based Advertising earnings are escalating by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Rediff dot Com India division, AOL (America On Line) in India. It is sure that if incorporation of yahoo! in Microsoft is occur, the great revolution in internet is going to be exist.

Internet share (%) till Dec'07 in America:

Google: 56

Yahoo: 18

Microsoft: 14

Growth of International viewers in 2007:

Google: 18% (273.9 million total net users)

Yahoo: 7% (190 million total net users)

Microsoft: 9% (262 million total net users)

The people who want to know the news and entertainment information will be growing largely year by year, people are interested to read news online rather magazines, news papers, Television and radio. All set to see a tremendous and trend setting revolution in internet era.

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