IBM Introduce New Data Storage Media – LTO 5 Tape


2010 brings a lot many new challenges for the storage industry. In order to meet the new requirements of the stored data, it requires being dependable, durable and should be reasonably priced. It must be reliable and easy to use for a long term benefit. The LTO technology 5th generation for IBM has been made for to provide its users a higher capacity.

IBM is a well organized and competent data storage device. IBM, a foremost developer of storage space industry, has developed a new generation of LTO series, LTO-5. This IBM lately designed tape drive LTO-5 provides an unsurpassed data with a reasonable price. The IBM has introduced marvelous characteristics in the unmatched drive LTO-5 that has improved its price value. The characteristics of the new LTO-5 includes; media partitioning system and the long term data storage capacity. The LTO-5 IBM tape drive continues to maintain the beneficial WORM (WRITE ONCE, READ MANY) and data encrypted operations. At a density of 2: 1, the utmost capability of IBM LtO-5 reaches 3 TB (Terabyte). Advanced characteristics of LTO-5 IBM drive assists the data administrators to proficiently meet the fulfillment necessities. TS2350 IBM drive secures your data on the backup tape with its exceptional encrypted capacity.

The IBM LTO-5 new generation includes:


The new LTO-5 IBM sealed unit, offers 88% of greater capability than the preceding generations, hence decreasing the number of sealed unit, saving spaces of your back ups.

Power Saving:

IBM LTO 5 has the most extraordinary power saving ability than any other preceding generations.

Enhanced Performance:

Faster throughput devices, prolonged corresponding speed and improved data shock absorber size are some of the characteristics that offer a more dominant and competent backup solution. The IBM LTO-5 technology has been planned to develop overall presentation and unmitigated sealed unit life.


The lately LTO-5 IBM helps address submitting necessities with its WORM (write once, read many) and encrypted capacity.

Media Partitioning Capacity:

Two LTO-5 media partitioning cartridge allows data access to work faster.

Outstanding Investment Protection:

Long-term tape communication venture fortification is offered by LTO standards-compatibility. It also provides the potential to Read / Write Ultrium 4 and Ultrium 3 Cartridges. And this makes LTO-5 different from the preceding generations.

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