IBM InfoPrint 1552 Printer – A Good Choice For Power Performance


So, you are looking for a printer for your business? Whether it is a small or large business, you have a great choice when you consider the IBM InfoPrint 1552 printer using IBM InfoPrint 1552 toner. One of the best for a monochrome laser printer that you can find out there right now. Plus, the price is one that you would expect to be a lot higher when you learn all this printer is able to do.

The processor that is in the printer is a fast one and will allow you to speed through those printing jobs. In addition, there is plenty of memory for you to send several jobs at one time to be printed in a row. Printers can be something that will cost a business a lot of money. Normally, when you look at printers that have a high page per minute rate you will be looking at prices of more than $ 1,000.

There are many companies out there that simply can not afford to pay that much for a printer. With this IBM, you not only get a great product that will surpass many on the market, but you get a decent price. With a printing speed that reaches 45 pages per minute, you would expect it to be up there well above $ 1,000 when you head out to look. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that you can get it for under $ 800 at most places.

You can add more paper trays that have a capacity that is huge and will allow you to not have to constantly check to make sure there is paper in the printer. Holding more than 4,000 sheets of paper, you will be able to print several jobs without a worry. Most printers with this kind of capacity and the same print speed will be a lot more money out of your budget.

It will work with not only new operating systems, but easily with those older operating systems you may still be running on your system. Plus you can connect this printer up with any computer with a quick USB connection. Ease of set up and operation is what you can find when you pick this IBM model as your printer choice.

Comparing those prices is a must for finding the best deal though. You need to look not only at your local stores, but also at many places online. You will be getting a printer that should have a year warranty from the manufacturer, but you can always get an extended one.

Remember that you are getting one of the better names when you choose IBM printer an. And when you look at the features of this machine, the price is extremely low for what you get. High capacity trays for paper, and a high capacity toner too. That means you will need to replace the cartridge fewer times through the year and that will save even more money.

Choosing a better printer than the IBM InfoPrint 1552 would be tough. A fast monochrome laser that will print at high speeds and holds a lot paper. Plus a toner that will not need to be changed all the time!

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