IBM InfoPrint 1332 Printer – Great Value From a Business Leader


The highly competitive world of business necessitates that companies utilize the best printer they can find. The IBM InfoPrint 1332 printer is one such printer. This device can provide excellent prints quickly day after day from the IBM InfoPrint 1332 toner. This printer is designed to cater to all kinds of workgroups whether small, medium or large companies.

The 1332 prints in an instant, adapts easily to print requirements and has a number of features to ensure that printouts are excellent. Its fast printing speed, along with the superb print quality, allows one to complete any task quickly. Productivity is enhanced in the process.

The printer completes 35 pages per minute. It has a higher print resolution at 1,200 X 1,200 dpi for better print results. If you want to upgrade the InfoPrint 1332, you can use the MFP option that provides additional functionality to the printer, such as full copy, fax functions and network scanning capabilities. Faxing from a workstation is a cinch with this device. It also allows one to scan / email and use FTP (file transfer protocol) to another device. These functions support computer functions and lessen the time needed to access the computer.

This InfoPrint 1332 allows one to enjoy several functions at once. The small dimensions of the printer make it easy to fit into any small places. The InfoPrint toner also helps produce the desired quality of printouts.

This printer enhances and supports the performance of the different IT technology installed in the office. The intuitive control panel is easy to understand and very user friendly. Those who are not so good with the modern technology will not have a hard time understanding its features and using the printer.

The different functions allow it to mesh well with various computer operating and server systems. This printer has the capacity to interface with different kinds of computer operating systems with built in USB functions. Its interface functions allow this printer to network and start printing right away.

This offering by IBM is compatible with various media. You can use index cards, envelopes, labels, special papers, plain bond paper and other media for printing and scanning. The quality of 1332 remains the same with all kinds of media, with clarity and sharpness appreciated by all users.

The IBM 1332 is a flexible device that can fulfill any small workgroup requirements. The large input drawer supports the pieces of paper necessary for printing. It includes a large input drawer to contain printed documents securely. It can handle up to 350 sheets of paper in its trays.

This InfoPrint 1332 also contains cost saving and environmentally conscious functions, such as a high yield printing cartridges, part of the IBM Return Program, and adjustment of the print darkness level that could minimize toner use by up to 50%. This printer enables one to verify printing first, multi-up printing features, alert management, and manage a power save mode, among the other features previously discussed.

The IBM InfoPrint 1332 Printer will benefit any business. The speed of this printer enables it to finish any communication or print tasks of small, medium or even large businesses. This printer is not only attractive on the outside; it also provides impressive functions and performance, making it very useful to any business.

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