->4DX technology offers an unprecedented and unique immersive experience.
4DX technology offers an unprecedented and unique immersive experience. (© Côté Brest)

Seeing a movie in theaters is already quite an experience. The choice of film, the cozy atmosphere, the red armchairs, the smell of popcorn, emotions of all kinds … But who has not dreamed of one day swapping the comfort of his seat to experience the adventure more intensely? and be part of the film? This is what the 4DX technology offers: an unprecedented and unique immersive experience to no longer see a film but live it!

It is 8:30 p.m. when I enter the new room dedicated to the sensational, Liberty multiplex. On the program a real action and science fiction film, enough to make the most of the promises of the equipment. Here, no red armchairs but a black seat that is as avant-garde as it is comfortable.

The impatience is there when the moment arrives for an introductory trailer and there, wow, it shakes! Movement, air, smoke, rain, smells, all condensed into a minute and a half, then white screen and spontaneous thought. “Ok, so that’s it! ”
The 4DX, on the screen side, is a classic film projection and, on the theater side, a technology that combines the movement of the seats with special sensory effects in perfect synchronization with the actions on the screen: surprising!

Stimulation of the senses

The film starts and here I am from all fields and all the tracking shots, thanks to the hydraulic jacks which follow the movements of the camera. The characters take the helicopter and so am I, sitting next to them, suspended in the air, hair blowing in the wind. The enemies attack and I can feel them tickle my calves, then I become a soldier in combat and suffer the full brunt of my falls, not to mention the smell of sulfur from explosions or the rain that lashes my face.

The sensations are there. Immersed in the heart of the film, I saw the shoot far beyond the screen. My visual and auditory limits are heckled and jostled with each lift, tilt or oscillation. But I can reassure you, no need to come in a raincoat or fasten a belt, everything is designed to stay comfortable. If the accumulation of movements is not always extremely fluid, the sensations are guaranteed and the wow effect at every moment!

Anaïs Briec

An increase of 5 euros is applied to the usual rate for a 4DX film. Until October 20, the Multiplexe, 10 avenue Clemenceau in Brest, is showing some films to (re) discover in 4DX. www.multiplexeliberte.fr