I switched to a OnePlus 3, so here are my thoughts


I figured we’d take a short breather from strictly computer related stuff and look at a phone – so here’s a review for the OnePlus 3 Android phone that I switched to recently.

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Want more info about the OnePlus 3 – check out their website here:
Want to buy this phone (non affiliate link) – check it out on Amazon:

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  1. Hope you like this one, but anyway – leave me your comment down below and thanks for supporting this channel's content by SUBSCRIBING. 😉
    Also let me know if you want to see anything more related to this phone.

  2. Nice to see that you're doing more than just PC stuff. This review was pretty good and I hope you do more of this in the future!

  3. That screen protector that doesn't completely cover the whole screen triggers me.

    Good review though, and the OP3 is a really great phone and a nice counterpart to the $800+ smartphone insanity.

  4. great review man
    I do have one question, I have a s7 edge myself but it has three pink lines on screen, just like with my previous s6 edge, im actually tired of samsung now
    do you think I will notice that much of a difference between these two? I mean, I would buy the op3t with the money I receive for my s7 edge
    thanks man, keep up the good work

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