Huawei Mate 9 vs OnePlus 3: Which is best?


Huawei Mate 9 vs OnePlus 3, which is best for me? We compare the Huawei Mate 9 and OnePlus 3 to see which is best for you from these two mighty mobiles.

The Mate 9 has a massive 5.9-inch screen, the latest Kirin 960 processor and a Leica dual-lens camera. Very impressive but the OnePlus 3 also boasts great performance and a respectable camera for half the cost.

So which is best? Our OnePlus 3 vs Huawei Mate 9 comparison review will let you know!

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  1. Just ordered Mate 9. Hopefully it will arrive in 5-8 days since I payed extra bucks for USPS express. Can't wait to do my own unboxing of this phone.

  2. I already bought the V20 and when I saw the Mate 9, I was like… I should have waited but I realized that V20 might still have more to offer than the Mate 9 but next year if I upgrade my phone, I might go for the successor of the Mate 9 if there's not much of changes that the V20 successor will offer.

  3. A better title for the video would have been "Huawei Mate 9 vs Two OnePlus 3s + 41 pounds change": Which is a better value?

  4. iphones have been using 1080p resolution screens for years and nobody says anything about it, and on top of that iphone screens look nice and crisp. i own an iphone 7 plus and the screen looks really crisp so i'm sure this mate 9 looks the same. i never cared for 2k or 4k res on a smart phone, what i wouldn't get is a 720p res now there the difference is very noticeable..

  5. HuWei is just trying to put this okk looking phone (not to mention screen also), in to Samsung note 7' shoes… No water resistance, no iris scanner, no dual curve body and also no GOERGEOUS AMOLED screen… SO HUWAVEI for what reason ur are u asking €699 or 2000 pounds wow…

  6. Hey you dont stuck with the Grey on the OnePlus 3 you can also buy a soft gold version but actually it´s out of stock but you have the coiche betwen 2 colors.

  7. These phones have interesting components that give the impression there on par with iPhones and Samsung at a third of the price with some models, but are the components the same quality?

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