HP laptop battery recall was extended


Hewlett-Packard  issued the third expansion of  laptop battery recall plan yesterday, based on previously published models, an increase of potentially affected batteries and notebook product models.

May 2009, HP issued a recall of 200,000 laptop battery in the global scheme  . The reason for the recall plan is, manufacturers who charge the battery ‘s supply business said that some parts of the battery cells might has potential thread to customers, such as fire or explode.

Yesterday was added to the laptop battery recall program is used a total of six to HP Compaq computer which, the model were: 6510b, 6515b, 6710b, 6710s, 6715b, 6715s. Therefore, HP purchased the product to remind the user login page dedicated to register for their free replacement notebook battery.

HP China-related head explained yesterday, said the subject of this recall is not a laptop, only configuration to the notebook computer battery packs. Meanwhile the official also cautioned that this action requires the user to provide self-help information, then the way HP will be mailed free of charge the new battery to the user.


On May 31, according to foreign media reports, sony has submitted a patent application and describes a material which can be used both electronic reader, the device can also be used as laptop, configuration and two touch screen.

sony clearly stated in the patent materials, new equipment will be equipped with the “first and a second touch screen”, “keyboard image” shows a screen in which you can store e-book file. The new device can also use the solar charger.

Industry analysts believe Apple iPad tablet PCs and other multi-purpose device to replace the Sony Reader and the future of the Amazon Kindle and other special electronic readers.

Blog of Anand • Srinivasan (Anand Srinivasan) have seen sony’s patent application materials, he said, “The new equipment can be used for both laptops and can also be used for electronic readers. System through an accelerometer to determine the state that (notebook or electronic reader). At the time as a notebook, the lower display position of a QWERT keyboard can be displayed for the user input data to use. “

sony’s new low-cost Internet access device for this, the two advantages of lower prices, users only need to bring a product rather than two.

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