Hp Compaq 6930P


Marketed being a mobile entertainment and general use laptop computer, HP aims to please with this flashy, classy multimedia notebook. HP’s pattern has appear an extended way from just several years ago, and to best it off, the 6930P FL492AW boasts some pretty fine hardware inside.

We like the Hp Compaq 6930P 15.4-inch wide-screen screen; its native resolution of 1,280×800 offers ample real estate for perform or play. The screen’s glossy finish makes colors pop and seem brighter, however we noticed a distracting glare when functioning next to a window on a sunny evening; there is certainly an choice to bypass the glossy coating when you intend make use of the 6930P FL492AW in bright environments. On top of the screen sits a 1.3-megapixel Webcam that’s useful for videoconferencing; two built-in microphones for the screen bezel remove the have for an external microphone.

Measuring 14.05″ x 10.12 ” x 1- 1.69″ and weighing in at 6.09lbs, the Compaq 6930P FL492AW is still effortlessly portable with out skimping for the screen size. You won’t break a sweat lugging this laptop to wherever you’re going.

All I can say is ‘wow’. When I pulled the Hp Compaq out on the box I wasn’t expecting it to look the way it did. Sleek and shiny having a snazzy black wave pattern on top (HP refers to it as the ‘Imprint’ finish), this did not appear like the past HP laptops I’ve noticed during the past. My wife had an HP laptop a year or two previously and it was a boring, non-descript hunk of grey plastic. Kudos to HP, they’ve undoubtedly appear an extended way within the design and style department.

That aside, the mobile computer seemed a little flimsy in places, especially the wrist rests and LCD. They glimpse glossy and elegant, but regrettably they feel a tiny too plastic-y, a tiny very inexpensive. An additional thing about the glossy exterior that left me grumbling is that there is no hiding people messy fingerprints that were all above the Compaq 6930P FL492AW from the end in the primary day of testing. Luckily plenty of in your case, HP includes a screen wiping cloth to eliminate individuals pesky smears and smudges, which was a wonderful touch on their component.

The Nvidia GeForce Go 7400 may be a mid-range notebook GPU and should give plenty of graphics energy for most users, such as those that strategy to upgrade to Windows Vista and turn on each of the enhanced visuals. In my opinion, the 7400 (along with its various cousins and competitors) gives a great mix of cost, strength consumption and performance.

What the Go 7400 won’t do is enjoy the many latest games along at the highest settings, but the same might be stated of all but the most costly notebooks on the market; a top-level gaming equipment will cost double or triple the price tag of an well-configured Compaq 6930P FL492AW. You will discover, even so, some quite fine laptops at the $1500 to $2000 degree (in other words, at the least several hundred dollars more than a well-appointed Hp Compaq 6930P), and these will get you with a stage just below that of the genuine gaming equipment.

The Compaq 6930P FL492AWs keyboard was extremely secure with respect to size, layout and also the actual pressing of keys, that are actually the only elements I ask of a keyboard. No complaints here at all. The touchpad worked just fine, very, and can very easily be disabled by the press of your button, which some might locate convenient. Above the keyboard is really a thin line of media controls, blue-lit sensors that may be touched to mute the speakers, adjust their volume, or perform different other media-related functions. These are very handy for a quick mute, say, even though they do beep rather loudly and I never bothered to try to disable the beeping. And finally, centered just on top of the LCD, is often a webcam, which I tested and identified to become working perfectly sufficient, nevertheless it was a matter of seconds prior to I tired of looking at myself.

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