How to Win a iPhone 4 for Free?


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Apple’s iPod have been a huge success and rightly so the product was a milestone in the history of technological innovation. Apple is going to release iPhone 4 now which is a mobile version of ipod touch which is much more elegant and offers wide range of functions. Marketing is at its peak both on and off the web. TV, Internet, and Newspaper they are all full of it but the problem is that it is not yet available for purchase from the stores yet and could only be available via pre-order and is very expensive

However you can get free iPhone 4 by offering them honest reviews and feedback. Become a tester for them and in return you get to keep the iPad isn’t that amazing?   What you need to do is enter your email id, zip code and shipping information and you’re good to go. What makes these offers trustworthy? Firstly they don’t ask you to pay a dime, and yes I mean it. Secondly they won’t ask you to make referrals or sign up under their partner sponsor sites like Netflix etc.

You can get your free iPhone 4 by following the link below

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You must be thinking is it that simple? Yes I swear it is. Big companies who wish to keep this iphone for sale once it is released to the market wants to make sure the product is working fine and is bug free.

Do you really think they will risk their reputation by keeping bugged gadgets on their stores? This is where you lend them a hand, it is just like having to do surveys but this is a golden nugget that I am offering you.

Is it really free? Well not 100% but yes if you compare the trade off $5 or even $20 is incomparable against $500 and with the opportunity to get your hands on the free iPhone 4 before anyone else does. It really sure is worth it

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