How To View Private Facebook Profiles


There are many ways to hack a facebook account or to view a users private facebook profile and I am here to teach you the many ways to do so. So lets learn How to View Private Facebook Profiles with some simple tricks.

View Limited Private Facebook Profile

This is by far the easiest way to view a private facebook profile. It is also the way that has absolutely no potential of getting you into trouble. Many other techniques can get you banned from facebook and is something that most people are not willing to try. And we don’t blame them. So how do you view somebody’s limited profile? One way is that you can email them a message (message them on facebook) and then as soon as they respond, you instantly have access to their limited profile. But what if they don’t respond? Well there is an even better alternative. What you can do is simply poke them. Upon being poked on facebook, you can instantly see the users limited profile.

Phish Somebody’s Account

This is a bit more complex and requires you to have access to their computer. The method is explained in far more depth on, but to sum it up, you basically duplicate the facebook site (it’s not as hard as it sounds) and then put it on their screen. They will most likely not notice that it is not the ACTUAL facebook site and will enter in their credentials (username and password), then you can set the script up to email it do you. From there you can simply log onto their account and you will have full access. The site I previously mentioned has all the scripts and things that you need.

More Exploits

There are many other exploits that you can do on facebook, but I haven’t the time to cover them all right now. They include, increasing picture size, getting full access to a facebook users picture albums, viewing their friends lists, etc and everything you could possibly imagine. For more information, to view these hacks in full, and for many new and updated facebook hacks, make sure that you visit How To View Private Facebook Profiles.

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