How To Upgrade Moto G3 To Android 7.1.1


Files You Need To Download:
1. Cyanogenmod –
2. Open GApps –
3. LineageOS –
Resurrection Remix Rom – {If You Want To Try a Rom With Awesome Features}

Note*: Cyanogen is now Lineage so download LineageOS. They have changed name now:
How To Download CyanogenMod 14.1 Or LineageOS:
1. Open Above Link.
2. Click On Download Latest Nightly.

How To Download GApps:
1. Open above link.
2. Select ARM in Platform and 7.1 in Android.
3. Choose Variant as per your preferences but I suggest you to download Stock or Pico.

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  1. there is no file and it showing error message like
    "Your requested url has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications,Government of India."

  2. hello bro you're email? just wanna ask you something about moto g3 … don't like this Android emojis.. how to change them in iphone emojis..

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