How To Transfer Game Saves Between Xbox 360, PS3, & PC [Borderlands 2]


How to transfer your Borderlands 2 game save for PS3, Xbox, PC!
OP 8 Gunzerker Save
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I made this tutorial to show you how to move game saves for Borderlands 2 between Xbox 360, PS3 and PC / Steam. I hope this helps out.
Thanks for watching, enjoy

All Programs Needed
Xbox Horizion:

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  1. i have saves of red dead remdeption undead nightmare for xbox360(Non Original) and i have the game on ps3(original), can i convert the saves between the consoles ?

  2. With pc its should be in there right away if not u gotta put it in youreself k got gonna try it also what is youre krieg build?

  3. +Rleeson85 hello dude, i have the op8 save files for borderlands 2 xbox 360… from another 1 of ya vids… but i am now playing BL2 now on xbox one is there a way i can get these op8 game saves on to my xbox one cos i dont have an 360 anymore.. please can u contact me.. thank u!

  4. This doesn't work, Whenever I try to replace the save the original save stays there and doesn't replace with the OP8 version

  5. does anyone else have the same issue when replacing characters? – object reference not set to specific object

  6. can some one help I made a gibbed save for borderlands to transfer to my 360 no nodded weapons but if I try to replace it with the 360 save it says it worked but the problem is when I save and rehash it says that file already exist please help

  7. I recently bought handsome collection for Xbox one and I was wondering how to change my PS3 saves to Xbox one.

  8. I've did this over 20 times and it doesn't work? I've used the save and it says not a valid con stfs file

  9. i have done it 5 times with different peoples save some with an some without mods on the saves but they are all corrupted

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