How to take apart and open Xbox 360 Slim


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  1. I found this VERY useful and used it as a walk-along guide as I tore mine down. I really just wanted to drill wall mount holes into the backside to mount it vertically against my wall, but wasn't looking forward to take it apart on my own. This made it easy and was well worth the time, THANK YOU!!!

  2. This helped tremendously, excellent descriptions and detailed instructions, and i was finally able to extract the broken cd romp and replace it with a new one.

  3. No No No. You don't have to break the plastic inserts away from the ends. They're all one piece. The ends can be removed with them in place.

  4. Does anyone know what happens to your xbox when its stops reading a hard drive? I use a Maxtor hard drive (the ones that are rectangular and hold 600 GB) and it stopped reading it. Anyone can help?

  5. How do you fix it if it has dust in it? That's what happened to mine and it wouldn't work…. I turned it on and in 5 seconds, it shuts down again

  6. I'm having issues with the disc drive. put in the game and it won't run the game disk. Xbox runs normal. but the games won't launch and it doesn't say there's a disk inside.

  7. Great tutorial. By the way, it's called a Torx screw. T-10 = Torx bit. And the little sticker on the back side is not the security sticker – breaking the warranty. It's the round sticker on the inside covering one of the long Torx screws – unsecuring the metal box from the bottom plastic frame. Thanks for the help!

  8. urgh I hate old xboxes broke the disc payed 40$ repair and now I broke again and am too cheap also a games stuck inside which I'm not rebuying

  9. after taking the grills off you DO NOT have to break any welds if you you use the right tool (a long very skinny screwdriver ) you can release the tabs and using a strong safety pin on the back to release the hidden tab is the right way and much easier (there is a hidden hole in the label right above the first letter in the black area )

  10. This is how I open my Xbox 360, I take it out onto my driveway and start slamming it with a hammer and just keep slamming and slamming till finally it brakes. My neighbors star at me and I just say I have a one year warranty

  11. The plastic welded rivets don't have to come off, you can pry off the locks in the frame through the assigned holes with a small screwdriver. And the lock behind the sticker: there is a small hole in the cover (covered by the sticker) right left to "UL-NOM": Find it with a needle.

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