How to Setup Samsung Pay on Samsung Gear S3


Camera and Lens used to record this video:
* Panasonic GX8 Camera:
* PANASONIC 12-35mm F2.8:

* Salt Lamp:
* Samsung Gear S3 Frontier:
* Samsung Gear S2 Classic:
* Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

Finally we have Samsung Pay on a Samsung Gear watch. Samsung Gear S2 was promised to have Samsung Pay but did not arrived the day it was delivered. Samsung Gear S2 however, received Samsung Pay and it works flawlessly. Samsung Pay is quite unique in that it has both MST (Magnetic Strip Transmission) and NFC (Near Field Communication). MST is the older technology that most terminals still uses while NFC is being roll out as the newer technology requires by Apple and Android Pay. In this video, I’ll show you how to setup Samsung Pay and tips that I have learned to help you along the way.

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  1. Hi I can't set up my android pay on s3 can you tell me what I dying wrong. In the settings I don't have android pay like on this video.

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