How to set up Google Home as part of a multiroom music system


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If you have a Google Home or Chromecast Audio we show you what you need to setup a whole-home music system.

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  1. That guy looks like an alcoholic & lol at them distoring the music to avoid a copyright strike. Everyone knows you can play 6 seconds of music without a problem

  2. I really want it to work with Sonos. I know Echo have teamed up with them but my house has Sonos all around and I prefer Google Home. I guess IFTTT or SmartThings can do it but I would prefer if it worked directly.

  3. Do you have to use the key word "on TV", "in the living room", "on bedroom speakers", etc… for each and every video, song or movie you tell it to play or does it stay connected to the last device it was streaming to unless you tell it otherwise?

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