How To ROOT Moto X Pure / Style (2015) EASIEST METHOD


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Grab the Moto X Pure here:

Grab here:

Grab the TWRP.img here (place in same folder as adb and fastboot):

VIDEO How To Bootloader Unlock Moto X Pure:

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  1. Nice to see you're still using a computer and not just a rooting app. Any chance you figured out how to use Android Pay while being rooted?

  2. Nice to see you're still using a computer and not just a rooting app. Any chance you figured out how to use Android Pay while being rooted?

  3. Hey droid modder i have an acer iconia a1-810 tablet and i tried everything every software and app to root it but i couldn't so is their any way to root it.

  4. can somebody tell me what the negatives and benefits are on rooting and if it's worth it? I'm still not sure if I want to do it. and will it void any warranty?

  5. I am bootloader unlocked (Moto X Pure Edition) and it's letting me know that the TWRP file is corrupted. How can I get a clean file?

  6. sir can you please help me out to root my moto x style running marshmallow & fully unlocked ..i have tried every single version of su ….when i tried to install it in my phone gets brick(it stuck on big M logo while booting) each n every time i do this process .sir do you have a solution of this problem please help me out

  7. After minute 3:07 my phone is a brick now. Any suggestions? Perform steps well , after restarting the phone does not advance screen Motorola logo white white background

  8. I'm glad I read the comments before starting this method. Your unlocking method for bootloader works fine on marshmallow but I don't recommend rooting while on marshmallow.

  9. for any one that tries this with marshmallow on the xt1575 it is MUST that you type this in TWRP recovery terminal BEFORE flashing the SU file:

    echo "SYSTEMLESS=true" > /data/.supersu

    Failure to do so will cause the phone to get stuck on the "M" logo

  10. minimal adb and fastboot says nothing about it being unsuccessful with flashing TWRP yet when i reboot into recovery it shows the bootloader unlock warning TWICE then goes and boots into my phone like normal completely skipping the TWRP recovery choice i made.

  11. how to get to TWRP when u have already turned off your phone? I mean power button and volume down key.. what have you do for motorola moto x pure edition?

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