How To: Replace the Fan in your Playstation 4!


We have all seen how essential the fan is to your game consoles (example YLOD). So it’s important to keep that guy in good working condition. Whether your fan is not working like it should or it just needs a good clean, today I’m going to show you how to remove the fan in your PS4.

Want to check out the step by step guide? Click here!

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  1. Thank you so much
    I benefited a lot from your explanation
    I had a Playstation device cause me a headache after a short period of operation restores operating
    Thanks for the millionth time:)

    this in Arabic language
    شكرا جزيلا
    استفدت من شرحك كثير
    كان عندي جهاز البلايستيشن مسبب لي صداع بعد فترة قصيرة من التشغيل يعيد التشغيل
    شكرا للمرة المليون : )

  2. if my PS4 is sounding like a jet engine when playing a disc-based game or digital copy and I've already disassembled the PS4, cleaned the fan, cleaned the heat sink, and replaced the thermal paste and the system still runs loud…will replacing the fan with a new one help it run quieter?

  3. I have one of the original models of PS4. It is documented that these models are actually louder. Would replacing the fans make it any quieter? I might just open and dust otherwise

  4. Is it anyone else's first thought that clearly Sony is a bunch of assholes for building their machine this way? 20 steps to remove the fan?

  5. I think mines beyond the good cleaning. I heard theres some bearing or something that is causing the incessant rattling and the sound like my PS4 is having a stroke. Or maybe that second noise is the anger and blood pressure in my head. But still.. god dammit

  6. hi i recently bougth a ps4 slim 1tb CUH 2016B model. It camed with the cooler broken so i have to replace it. Ive been looking on ebay and i cant find that model of cooler (it looks the same as the one on the video) so im wondering if i could replace it with the cooler of the ps4 CUH-1215A. What do you recomend? What model of cooler will work with a ps4 CUH 2016B? Thanks

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