How To Play Farmville On Facebook


There are just a few step to getting starting and learning how to play the most popular game in America… and its not too late.

First, sign into your Facebook and create a Farmville account. You do this by clicking on the Join Farmville Now application, or on your friends’ Farmville posts, or finally by visiting

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Second, create your Farmville character. You can choose different features to customize your farmer and make it look more or less like you.
Mine is a cute little red headed farmer girl!

Your Farmville farm comes prebuilt with 6 plots and 300 coins. You can see if you have any plots ready for harvesting by moving the mouse and hovering over each plot. If you have plots ready for harvest, harvest them by clicking on them. You must harvest your crops before they wilt in order to make a profit.

The goal of the game is to make your Farmville farm bigger by plowing and sowing new plots. Use the plow tool to create a new plot, and then click on the plot to choose which seeds to plant. To built points quickly, choose a fast-growing crop like strawberries or blueberries (do this only if you will be available to harvest them in 4 hours – if not, choose a crop that doesn’t grow as fast.)

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Be sure to invite your friends to become neighbors on Farmville. Once you have neighbors, you can send and accept gifts using the ‘free gifts’ tab. The more neighbors, the more gifts you have and the larger you can grow your farm! You never know what you might need and often your friends are willing to give a helping hand.

Once you have a farm established, its important to build as many experience points as you can. You can build experience points by successfully growing and harvesting seeds, or by visiting your neighbors’ Farmville farms.

Hope that quick guide on how to play Farmville on Facebooks helped… now get farming!

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