How to Lengthen the Life of Your IBM ThinkPad Laptop Battery


IBM ThinkPad laptop computer owners love the fact that their notebooks give them the freedom of movement while they are using them. However, it is frustrating when you may be on a plane or in a car and you have nowhere to plug in your charger. The freedom of having a laptop suddenly ends when you have no power.

The only way you have of getting that freedom back is to charge it when you are able to get to an outlet. On the other hand, if you could just improve the life of your notebook battery this problem will not come around too often. Here are several ways to make sure you do not run your battery down sooner than you have to.

Put your screen settings on low.

Most laptop computers have the ability for you to dim the screen. Some notebooks will even let you change CPU and cooling system properties. If you can, put all of features things on their lowest settings.

Add another RAM stick or two if possible .

Having more RAM will allow you to process more on your computer without using virtual memory. Virtual memory will result in the use of your hard drive and can be much less power efficient. Adding ram will also take more energy, so whenever possible, try not to run programs that need a lot of RAM.

Defrag your computer often.

If your hard drive can do what it needs to quickly there will be less demand on it and therefore less demand on your battery. The best way to make sure you hard drive is working as quickly as it can is to defrag regularly and make sure that while you are defragging that your computer is plugged in.

Shutdown all programs that are running in the background.

To run at maximum efficiency you should make sure that you are not running any background programs like iTunes, windows media player or messenger. Try not to run anything that is not absolutely crucial to the project at hand.

Try not to use your CD or DVD player whenever possible.

Running a disk will take more power. You should try to work off your hard drive instead of putting in a program. However, we all know that many programs will not run without a disk, therefore this can not be avoided sometimes.

Do not always run your laptop while it is plugged in.

You should exercise your battery by running only on it at least once every couple of weeks. Also, if you have a newer computer with a newer type battery you should never let it go completely dead, doing this is best for older batteries that have memory problems.

Use the hibernate option instead of the stand by option when the computer is not in use.

By putting your computer on standby you will still be losing battery but in hibernate mode the computer will save its current state and shut down.

These are just a few of the many power saving tips available for your IBM ThinkPad laptop computer. You can search online and find many more that are just as great as the ones that are listed above. We all know that some people can not use all of the power saving tips but they can do some. Every little bit helps when trying to save your battery power for as long as possible.

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