How To Get 200,000 XP As Early As Chapter 3 | Final Fantasy 15


My first guide for Final Fantasy 15 and its a big one. Here, I will show you how to get 200,000 experience points with a possibility of more, with no more than items and locations that open up in Chapter 3.

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  1. theres a 50% exp boost at Chocobo post… also the exp cast can stack on top of each other and theres a 3.0x exp boost for 30,000 Gil at altissa after chapter 3…

  2. Guys this is a much longer process, there's a way for you to fight him only once and get 200k XP- check out some other pole videos

  3. How are you gonna pronounce it Galdin Qway when they call it Galdin "key" the entire game. Was your TV on mute the whole time? You mustve gotten the only copy of the game that didnt have the audio files.

  4. Not sure if someone already put this up for options, but you can do this a lil' better. First get a triple decker from Wiz's Outpost for the food buff. It gives xp bonus. If you can't do this, then next best option will be Galdin Quay for the food buff there. Make sure you get the xp bonus food ONLY and then repeat the process. You can instead hold off on the hotel until you feel the need to finally end the grind but you can just repeat this process for bandersnatch.

  5. First off, great video. But there's a few things that can be improved when doing this. First of all, ride a chocobo. You will be able to go back and forth much much faster. Second of all keep doing the quests to upgrade the regalia. Eventually you will get headlights that make it so you can fast travel at night, and you won't get into fights if you aren't fast traveling at night. Last, if you are short on gil and want the xp food, you can sell treasures that give you a ton of gil. Don't sell all of them though because they are used for upgrades. Sell duplicates and leave yourself plenty.

  6. This game was a big let down, open world with nothing in it. Also the last half of the game that wasn't open world was a joke horribly rushed out, and the story lmao WTFH!!! give them props on graphics for the open world but it's not poulated, final fantasy 13 serries the part that was open world was done far better.

  7. I found most of my rare coin at abandon house and barn. Place that u would miss if u don't get out of the car and explore the area.

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