How to Gameshare on PS4 (EASY METHOD) (VOICE TUTORIAL) 2016


Tipz with spllitz!
If you follow my easy step by step tutorial, you will be downloading FREE GAMES in no time!

*Just note that these games only work if it’s DIGITALLY downloaded from the PlayStation store. THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH PHYSICAL COPY DISCS*

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  1. Looking for battlefield one for the PS4. Willing to trade Call of duty infinite warfare, cod modern warfare remastered, Battlefield 4 with all dlc, fallout 4, destiny with all dlc, far cry 4, and mafia 3.

    Kik me: chocodrip96

    If you are interested. Thanks I really need it.

  2. If anyone would like to help me with some games I just got my ps4 slim yesterday and don't have any games my kik is Ashawntilsnumber1

  3. I got BO3 Salvation Doc if anyone wanna gameshare I want any other cod game, not the best deal, but it's a deal, I guess.
    My PSN is BurntToast9255

  4. i have latest ps4 Games 2k17 bo infinite Warfare and more my PSN name is DetroitGSC313 add me and tell me what you want

  5. just got ps4. I need games like overwatch call of duty black ops 3 and nhl 17. I will not scam promise. kik : teddiehead or PSN: ItalianSparkeh. I will sub to your Channel

  6. hey guys wanna gameshare me i got bo3 season pass bfh bf4 and mc story mode i want fifa 17 or bf1 or cod iw or rainbow six siege

  7. i have gta 5, bo3, watch dogs 1 and 2, fifa 17, battlefield 1 and 4, nba 2k17 2k16, wwe 2k17 and 2k16, looking for rocket league i go first

  8. Wanna gameshare PS4 I have FIFA 17
    Battlefield 1
    NBA 2k17/16
    Infinite warfare wit cod4
    Dark souls 3
    UFC 2
    Far cry primal
    Far cry 4
    FIFA 16
    GTA v
    GTA San Andreas
    Just cause 3
    Madden NFL 16
    NHL 16
    Rocket league
    And the division
    I have proof of all these games I go first or no deal kik xxkillingwavexx

  9. I want to gameshare, I have gta 5, infinite warfare and modern warfare remastered, fifa 17, final fantasy 15 and bf1.
    I want mafia 3 or watch dogs 2 OR any good new games 🙂
    my psn and kik are nitroborn

  10. Anyone wanna gameshare I'm looking for GTA 5. Also I go first
    I have Dark Souls 3 +Season Pass
    Fallout 4 +Season Pass
    Watch Dogs 2
    Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
    Destiny DLC
    And More Some More

  11. I have battlefield 1 , GTA 5 , uncharted collection , far cry primal , naruto Storm 4 and minecraft I'm looking for modern warfare remastered , mafia 3 and watch dogs 2 add me on kik : JOKERGFX

  12. Got got rainbow six siege, sleeping dogs, minecraft, left behind, second son. Messege angrymonkeey and tell me what you have. I HAVE to go first

  13. I have mafia 3 uncharted 4 battlefront far cry primal fifa 17. Looking for mainly just cause 3 but I can be interested in others. GT: comogamer kik: comofootball

  14. I have resident evil 7 and the crew and final fantasy (2016 version) I'm looking for call of duty black ops 3 and Gta 5 and battlefield one, contact me here or kik (kik is yassa.a).

  15. If anyone wants to gameshare on ps4
    I have
    Witcher 3 wild hunt
    Fallout 4
    Far cry primal
    Need for speed 2015
    Dying light
    Outlast with whistleblower dlc
    Star wars battlefront
    GTA 5
    Battlefield 4
    Battlefield hardline
    Bo3 with season pass
    Destiny taken kings legendary edition
    Metro redux
    I can also show you my all games proof I am looking for 20$ psn card my kik and psn is hummed007

  16. I need rocket leagues,

    I have watch dogs 2, fifa 17, justcause 3, gta 5, far cry 4, bo3, batman ahkram nights and drive club

  17. I have Gta 5, Fallout 4 cod iw cod 4 remastered NBA 2k17 Fifa 16 rocket league and the last of us and I'm looking for Fifa 17 or over watch. Kik: munchiebana

  18. I will trade MKX with all dlc characters, saints row gat outta hell, Minecraft and The warriors for watch dogs 2 cod iw ang gta 5

  19. My games: Battlefield: Hard-line, NBA 2k16, Overwatch, looking for Battlefield 1 or Watch Dogs…also give me a suggestion also thx

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